The American Civil War


Task 1

For students to complete this task the class will bedivided into various groups.  The groupswill choose a month from the Civil War period and research importantfacts.  After all the information isgathered each group will create their own timeline.  The dates will be recorded on the exact dayand year of the event.  The students willcolor code according to the years of the Civil War such as 1864 would be purpleand 1865 would be green.  The studentswill present their Civil War timelines to the class.


Task 2

This task will be completed by the students usingthe internet to find the diseases of the Civil War period.  The students will learn that certain diseaseswere more harmful than the enemy.  Oncethe facts about the Civil War and diseases are gathered each student will writea written report and share their findings. The students will also be provided with a chart containing the deaths bystate for all the soldiers.

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