Exploring Fractions with Pizza



Are you ready to learn fractions and have some fun too? Let's begin... Just follow the steps below. ENJOY!

1- You will read a special flip-book about pizza and fractions together as a group.

2- Next you will view an online lesson as a group.

3- You will get to learn a song about fractions.

4- Then you will watch a video as a group which will explain even more.


1- You will break into equal teams and play an online pizza fraction game. Each of you will have a chance to be the leader and team members will help each other as needed. Help your team

get the highest score.

2- You will also get to play individual computer fraction games to get more practice.


1- Finally, you will complete 2 worksheets to show how much you have learned.

If you complete all of your work while others are still working, you may go back and have fun playing more computer games. Try to see how you do on a higher level for a challenge!!!



Web Link
  • Pizza Game
    Description: Play an online game by yourself.


Fractions of Regions Song

Description: Learn a song about fractions with the whole group.

Web Link

Web Link
2nd Grade Fraction Lesson

Description: Watch a video with the group to learn more.

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