World War II



Activity 1

World History:
What were the origins and significant historical events of WWII?
The first thing you must do in order to better understand WWII is to understand it's origins. For this you must review WWI and the interwar period where the Great Depression occurred in the United States. This is a review form what you have learned from your previous social studies class, since you should have already learned about WWI in the 7th grade.
After reviewing this information write a short reflection on the greatest contributing factors that led to WWII from WWI and the interwar periods. You must identity at least three major influences form these periods that contributed to WWII.

Access the link(s) below for you WWI review:
World War I Review
1920-1940: Interwar Years or the New Thirty Years War

Then, for your first learning activity you will create a timeline of World War II. You will research significant events, people, places and things that are relevant from a historical standpoint and create a timeline that includes this data that you find through your research. You will add this information to your timeline template and save it, as it will be used for your PowerPoint presentation.

Links to access for WWII History:
World War II
United States Enters World War II: Brief History

Along with this historical timeline you will also create a genealogical timeline.You will interview parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or any family members or family friends that may be able or willing to be interviewed and trace significant events of their lives or the lives of their parents that may coincide with WWII, just prior to WWII through just after WWII. Significant events may include births, marriages, deaths or any other events that you may deem valuable.

You will then compare these two timelines and write a summary, drawing conclusions from your findings and reflecting personally on your work. This summary should be at least two paragraphs, one stating your findings and conclusions and one should be your personal reflection.

Timeline Template:

Activity 2

How close did Hitler come to reaching his ultimate goal of world domination?
For the second activity you will focus of the geographical aspect of WWII. You will access the link below and follow the instructions to create a map of Europe prior to WWII and then a mp that depicts the areas that the Nazi raegiem came to occupy during WWII.
You will then write a summary of a least two paragraphs, one comparing and contrasting the two maps and one about the conclusions drawn from examining them answering the essential question for this activity.

Geographical Map of WWII Activity:

Activity 3

American History:
How did American Aviation contribute to WWII?
In this activity you will explore the contributions of American aviation in WWII. First access the hyperlink below and there you will find a wealth of information about every kind of Americana pane used in WWII. In small groups research these planes and have each member of your group choose a plane to research. Within your group vote on the the best example of aviation advancement that you feel contributed to the overall success of the WWII. In a short summary have your team explain why you chose that plane or aviation advancement. Then after all the groups have presented their summaries the entire class will vote on the best one out of those presentations.

Here is the link to research American planes and aviation advances during WWII. This link provides a detailed description of each plane by clicking on the picture. This website also provides a photo gallery, video clips and much more.
American World War 2 Planes

For an additional hands-on activity you can make your own paper plane!
Go to the link below and follow the animated instructions on how to make your own paper plane. Within small groups you will each pick a different plane to make, there are ten to choose from. If you are good at making paper airplanes then offer to assist others within the group. Once everyone has made a paper airplane you will then conduct a flying test for each plane. Assign someone in your group to document the results. First have the group make predictions about which of the constructed models will be the best. Then conduct a series of tests. Rate the paper airplanes on speed, distance and accuracy. Give it a 3 for Excellent, 2 for Good or 1 for poor performance in all areas. After all of the tests are conducted your group will tally up the scores, interpret the data and draw conclusions as to which paper airplane design is the best. Your team will them share its findings with the class.
Test 1: Try to fly the paper airplanes from a standing position in the classroom.
Test 2: Try to fly the paper airplanes from an elevated position in the classroom, like standing on a chair.
Test 3: Try to fly the paper airplanes outside (weather permitting).
You can vary these tests or conduct additional tests, but you must be sure to document these tests and conduct the same test for each paper airplane.

Paper Airplane Link:
Learn how to make 10 great paper airplanes

Activity 4

How did the role of women change in American society as a result of WWII, and how does that compare to the German ideology of the German women's roles of that time?
The role of women dramatically changed in America because of WWII. This change ultimately altered the civic responsibility, duties and opportunity for women in the U.S. and also influenced political change for women. Significant changes for women came as a direct result form their changing roles in WWII.

Word Search Activity:
Follow the link below and read the literary piece From Homemaker to Shipbuilder.
Embedded within this piece there are key vocabulary terms. You must click on these vocabulary terms and record these terms with their correct definitions onto a master vocabulary list that you must review and study for an end of lesson quiz.
First you must click on the link below titled WWII Remembered. Once on the website you must choose the American Home Front Icon under the featured projects section. Once on this page you must choose the first reading piece, From Homemaker to Shipbuilder. Here you will read this literary piece and conduct your word search. Be sure to keep an accurate record of your words as you will turn your word search in to be graded prior to your quiz.

Word Search Activity Link:
World War II Remembered

Extension Activity:
You will also write a personal reflection that answers the essential question based on the literary piece. This reflection must be a least a couple of paragraphs long, include the answer to the essential question and include a personal reflection of the readings. Also within this reflection express your opinion about the German women. Do you think that German women were allowed to work to support the war effort? Did they have the same rights of American women? Did the war change the role of German women as it did the American Women? Research the internet or other resources to support your opinion.

Activity 5

Did WWII effect the U. S. economy, if so then how?
Go to the link(s) below. There is much information on this webpage about the U. S. economy before, during and after the Great Depression and WWII, which directly correlates with WWII. Write a reflection that answers the essential economic question above, identifying the major contributing factors to the changes in the U.S. economy during this time. (you can write your reflection in class if time allows or finish as an extension assignment for homework).

The American economy during the WWII period:
The U.S. Home front during WWII
Farming World War II

Learning activity:
Go to the link The Food Timeline--historic food prices.
Here you will find the prices of four specific goods found and sold in the U.S. prior to WWII, during WWII and after WWII. You will create a graphic organizer within a small group of your peers that compares these prices, but you must also include the changes of product size or weight in correlation to their prices and account for this within your chart. In your chart you must include at a minimum the following goods:
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Coke or Pepsi
Hershey Bars
Nabisco's Oreo Cookies

Each student must research the information for at least one product. As a group you must then analyze the data and draw conclusions from the collected research. Answer the following questions as a group:
Which product changed the most throughout the World War periods, why?
Which product changed the least, why?
Which product was the most expensive, why?
Which product was the least expensive, why?
Did the Great Depression effect product price, if so how?
Analyze each product. If the price of the product did not change but the size or weight of the product did what effect did the size have on the price?
Did supply and demand effect the price of the products?
Did shirt supply of essential ingredients effect the product price, size or both?
Out of all these products which is your favorite?
If you were a child during this time would you have been able to afford that product, if not how could you have gotten it?

Your group will share it's findings and reflections with the class.

Enrichment Activity:

Content Comprehension:
What have you learned by completing this WebQuest about WWII?

You will create a PowerPoint presentation that represents what you have learned through this WebQuest.
You will have a minimum of 8-9 slides:
Slide 1: Title Slide
Slide 2: Introduction Slide, tell us what you are going to cover in your PowerPoint presentation.
Slide 3: Include your WWII timeline form your first learning activity.
Slide 4: Include your WWII geographical map(s) from your second learning activity.
Slide 5: Include your research that you did on your WWII plane or aviation advancement.
Slide 6: Include Vocabulary list and a brief reflection about the change in American women;s roles as a result of WWII.
Slide 7: Include the product that you researched for your group activity and short narrative of your favorite product from the reflection questions.
Slide 8: Conclusion, wrap up the PowerPoint presentation summarizing your slides and what you have learned through your WebQuest experience and answering the essential questions from the WebQuest.
Slide 9: reference slide if applicable.

You will present your PowerPoint orally to the class so be sure to include presentation notes for your PowerPoint. This PowerPoint presentation will be assessed according to grading rubric, see the Evaluation Page of this WebQuest to access and review the PowerPoint Rubric.


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