The perfect summer holiday



Plan your trip by following these steps:
1. Think about where to go and who to go with.
Think about why you would like to go there.
2. Find out more about the city's history and background information(such as climate and transport system) on the Internet.
This can help you know more about the city's culture and background, which will aid you in experiencing the uniqueness of the place.
3. Look for the city's famous attractions and 'must go' places on the Internet.
4. Gather up all the information and write an itinery for your trip. Write down what places you want to go and what to do for each day of the trip. 

Your itinery can be written like this: (e.g. Paris)

Day One:

Ile de la cite: Notre Dame, Hotel Dieu, Palais de Justice, Saint Chapelle , Conciergerie, Square du Vert Galant and Point Neuf, Walk along the Seine River.

Latin Quarter: Musee Naturel du Moyen Age(did not go inside), Cluny Square, La Sorbonne, College de France, Saint Severin church, Saint Etienne du-Mont church, Pantheon, Place Saint Michael.

Eiffel Tower: at night (sparkling lights for 5 minutes )

5. Prepare for a 3 minute presentation in class. You may include pictures and videos in your powerpoint.

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