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To complete this project, your group will need to divided into 4 different roles: budget buster, apartment aficionado, savvy shopper and transportation titan.   Each position has a different role to play in this web quest and different information to find. 

Each group will be given a different job with a description of the job requirements and hourly salary included.  Based on the job and salary your group is given, each group will need to decide on  the roles and compete the assignments given.  Each role has a certain amount of the budget to spend.  The budget must also set aside 10% of the total budget for savings and 10% of the budget for miscellaneous expenses. (Miscellaneous expenses include the mundane or unexpected things that you do not pay on a monthly basis, but need money set aside for.  Miscellaneous expenses in real life could include things like: doctor visits, oil changes, going to the movies or out to dinner, etc.)

Budget Breakdown:
Housing: 40% of budget
Shopping: 15% of budget
Transportation: 25% of budget
Miscellaneous expenses: 10% of budget
Savings: 10% of budget

Role 1:  Budget Buster

This role is crucial to the project.  This person needs to find out how much your job makes per hour, per week, per month and per year.  This person will also need to figure out how much is made before and after the deductions for taxes and health insurance.  After finding out the final monthly budget(after taxes and deductions are taken out), this role will let the other group members know how much they can spend for their sections according to the budget breakdown.  This person will also produce a 2 graphs: 1 showing the monthly budget before and after taxes and 1 showing a pie chart of the final budget numbers.  

Resources: Websites that allow you to create graphs

Role 2:  Apartment Aficionado

This person needs to find an apartment that falls within the budget and within 15 miles of your job. Along with finding an apartment, the person will investigate how much utilities cost per month: telephone,cable, internet, electricity.  This role has 40% of the budget to spend on a dwelling and utilities.

Resources:   Websites that allow you to search for apartments, Websites that allow you to research utilities costs for telephone, cable, internet and electricity.

Role 3:  Savvy Shopper

This person will follow the list and buy all items necessary for your dwelling.  This person will also figure out a food menu for one person for a month and then buy enough groceries for one month.  The list of furnishings that this person needs to buy to furnish your apartment must include:

Something to sleep on (bed, futon, couch, etc)

Something to sit on (chairs, couch, futon, etc)

At least one pillow

At least one mixing bowl


Dishes  (plate, bowl, cup)

Some pots and pans (at least one pot and one pan)

Towels (at least one set of a towel and washcloth)

Alarm Clock

At least one lamp

Blanket (at least one)

Sheets (at least one set)

Cleaning products (to keep you and your apartment clean):   Dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, all purpose cleaner, paper towels, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.)


For the furnishings, a helpful relative has given you $500 to spend.   Any amount that goes over your $500 gift budget must be taken out of your monthly salary.

You will also need to include the cost of one month's food in your budget.  To figure the cost of one month's food, I would like you figure out a meal plan for one week and then multiply that cost by 4.  This means that you will need to figure out the cost of food for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners.  You will need to have your meal plan for one week written out and shown with the cost breakdown.  When the one week meal plan is complete,multiply your one week's cost by 4 for the total grocery budget. 

This role has 15% of the budget to spend on the all of the shopping needs.

Resources:  Websites that allow you to buy furnishings or groceries.

Role 4:  Transportation Titan

 This person needs to figure out what kind of transportation is needed to get to and from work, to the grocery store, etc.This person will need to find a car to buy and figure out the monthly car payment for that car.  This role will also need to research and find the average cost of monthly car insurance for the chosen car and calculate the cost of 3 tanks of gas based on the average cost of gasoline in your town.     This role has 25% of the budget to spend on transportation related items.

Resources: Websites that allow you to search for different types of cars by type or price, websites that give insurance quotes, websites that find the average price of gas in your area.

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