Latin America - You Are There!

Draft and Citing


1.   As usual for research, you must produce a bibliography in Noodletools, including of all the sources you used to compile the project. In Noodletools, be sure to share your work into the folder "2021 Latin America C/E Block". There will be an early bibliography due (check your assignments), and then you are expected to update it as you find additional sources along the way. Remember that all sources that you consult must be in Noodletools.

You must use at least three sources per country, including at least three types of sources overall (book, e book, website, online database/encyclopedia). 

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All words must be your own, and as we will discuss in class, this writing should have an engaging and unique voice. You have a purpose and a specific audience in mind, so you need to write toward those goals.

2.  You will be required to use the Notecard function in Noodletools to help you compile material and then turn it into your own writing.  Further instructions will be provided in class, but this will include homework grades for completing research as assigned in class.

3.  You will use those notecards to help you write a rough draft of all three countries.  You must do so in Google Docs.  Pictures are not yet required for the rough draft.

4.  Next you will be responsible for reviewing one of your classmates' blogs, using the same evaluation requirements that I will be using in the end as well.  Include constructive comments in each entry for the blogs you evaluate.  Everyone must have comments for each day/post of their partner's blog.  You will be graded upon how effectively you advise your partner, and we will discuss the expectations and process of this stage in class.  You can then work the suggestions and comments made for you by your classmates into a revision stage, before the final blog is submitted to me for a grade.

5.  You will copy/paste your draft into your final blog.  Format it to look how you want, and make it your own.  We will go over in class how to do this.

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