1. Form 4 groups of students, with an equal number of students in all groups. 

2.  Using a pencil and a sheet of paper, each student must write an answer to the following questions:

       What is the Internet?

(Answer in 'Conclusion')

The students will (TSW) watch two Public Safety Announcements: 2 If your computer is connected to the Internet, it can connect to millions of other computers, in many different parts of the world.

Video 1

YouTube Video -

You Never Know Who You're Talking To

A Public Service Announcement on Internet Safety on the topic of you never know who you're talking to on the Internet. 

Video 2   

YouTube Video -

Internet Safety For Kids

A Public Service Announcement on Internet Safety on the topic of you never

2.  TSW participate in teacher led discussion

using attached PowerPoint Presentation Internet Safety1


3.  TSW form groups and complete an Online quiz on Internet Safety.  Each team will keep score on the number of correct and incorrect answers for each teach member.  Each member of the group must participate.

Group 1


Safe Kids – Online Safety



Group 2


QUIA – Internet Safety2



Group 3


rf Sur Internet –Safety Quiz for Kids



Group 4


McAfee Quiz – Internet Safety


4.  TSW will complete an in-class assignment where they will list the categories of personal information including their name, age, house number-address, city, state, phone number and information about their parents, school, church and community at large that must not be shared on the Internet.

5.  TSW will power up the computer and click on the Internet Safety WebQuest icon that will appear on the desktop


6.  TSW will use click FBI - Kids Page - Kindergarten - 5th Grade

 and read  out loud and discuss each point including the meaning of 'personal information'.


  7.  Teach will usr the attached 'Internet Safety Grade Book' to record student scores.





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