Water Cycle



STUDENTS: You are working in groups of four with each person having a part of the water cycle to learn and to create four slides per person for the group’s PowerPoint presentation.  Your teacher will assign you a role by giving the information to you in a folder.  You will use the folder to keep all related information for the unit, data collected and any homework completed.  The four parts of the water cycle that we will evaluate are: Evan/Eva Evaporation, Conner/Carol Condensation, Pete/Polly Precipitation, and Tom/Tammy Transpiration.

Step 1: Print out the “water cycle label sheet” found at the bottom of the Resource #6. Use your pencil to lightly shade all of the places where you think your part of the water cycle occurs.  Change this as necessary when you find more information.  Keep this in your folder as a reference while you are researching the unit and making the presentation.
Step 2: Use the links below to research the Internet.  Use paper to record important information on your topic.

Step 4: Open up a Word Document and list information that is found regarding your topic of the water cycle.  Make sure you are thinking about information that you would like to include on your PowerPoint presentation.    Please include any important vocabulary, pictures, and other information to make your presentation interesting.  This is a rough draft of what you will put onto your slides.  Type out ideas and what would be helpful to remember when it's time to create your presentation. 

Your group's presentation should be about the life of a drop of water, including all parts of the water cycle.  Use the specific boy/girl names of each cycle to make the story interesting.

Step 5: Meet with your group to discuss your findings.  Begin a rough copy of an outline of what order you will present your information.  Write this out so each person knows what is expected and where the slides will be placed in the PowerPoint.  The total number of slides will be a minimum of 18 slides.  As a group you will work together to prepare one introduction slide and one summary slide.

Step 6: As a group, go to Microsoft PowerPoint on the computer and open new slide.  Start to design your introduction page as a group, save onto computer under a name you will remember to access at a later time.

Step 7: We will have 5 days total to work on this presentation.  Make sure from your research that you have an idea of what your slide will be about.  Be creative and make it fun but make sure that it also contains factual information about the water cycle.

Step 8:  Each slide must have a minimum of one picture and a minimum of one special effect.  An example of special effects is a moving title, a fading title, sound, music, color graphics.  Be creative to impress your classmates!

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