Kite Runner - A Modern Journey Through Afghanistan



Copy and paste the following questions into a word document.  Include heading, 1" margins, and double-spacing.  You may not copy and paste your answers to the questions from their original sources.  Answer in complete sentences.


Geographically, where is Afghanistan located?

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

What is the weather like in Afghanistan?

What is the most common occupation in Afghanistan?

  • What happens in 1921?
  • What happens in 1933?
  • 1973 was a pivotal point in Afghanistan’s history. Why?
  • Why does Osama shift his focus from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1988?
  • In 1992 Afghanistan endures yet another coup. Which group takes over this time? What are the problems with this group?
  • Why would the Afghans believe the Taliban takeover in 1993 is a good thing at first?
  • Why do more than a million Afghans flee to Pakistan between the years of 1995 – 1999?

What trends do you see in Afghanistan history?

What do these suggest about life for the average citizen?

What do they suggest about Afghan national identity and values?


Historical Timeline

Religion and faith

What is Islam? What does it teach/expect?

Do Christianity and Islam share the same origin? How do they differ (1 main way)?

What is the Qu’ran?

What are the five main ‘pillars’ of Islam, and why are they important?

What are 3 acceptable behaviors and 3 unacceptable behaviors in Islam?

What is the main difference between Sunni vs. Shiite Islam? What are three similarities?

What are three major differences in the beliefs of these factions of Islam?

How is Islam integral to Afghan culture?

Overview of Islam

Thorough explanation of Islam with links to lots of helpful sites

Prohibitions and Obligations of Islam

Sunni vs. Shiite Islam


Daily life (Dress/Food/Recreation/Economy)

What is a qmis, a pagray, and a burqa?

What does traditional Afghan clothing suggest about cultural values?

What is the most popular dish of Afghanistan? What meats are common? Drink?

What occupation has been most effected by warfare?

What main livestock is tended in Afghanistan?

What are Afghanistan’s main exports?

Cultivation of what product supported the Taliban financially?

Why is it important to get rid of this product?

Describe the Afghan economy. What are its current challenges? Why?

Overview of Pashtun culture including clothing description

Afghan food

Turban tying and Kite Running

Brief economic overview

Fighting the Opium Wars

Women in Society

What privileges don’t women have in Afghanistan?

How are women treated differently than men in Afghanistan?

What are some ‘crimes’ in Afghanistan that women can be punished for, but not men?

How have things changed/stayed the same for women since the Taliban lost power?

What challenges to modern Afghan women encounter? How are these similar/different to their mothers?

National Geographic overview with photo gallery and linked video

Women under Taliban Threat - TIME Photo Essay

Associated article with preceding photo essay

Afghan Women Soar to New Heights

Tribal relationships and Family

What are the main ethnic groups of Afghanistan and who are they?

What are three main differences between the Pashtun people and Hazara people?

What is Pashtunwali? Namus? How might this 'cultural code' shape Afghanistan's culture?

What does it mean to be an outsider in Afghan society? Why are people excluded? What does this exclusion look like?

How is treatment of Afghan “others” similar/different to other cultures’ history of oppression?

How might modern Afghanistans try to use tribal structure to support a stable government?


Relationship between Pashtun and Hazara in The Kite Runner

National Geographic photo gallery on "Afghanistan's Outsiders," the Hazara

Pashtun tribal structure

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