Illinois Native Americans




1.     Do you know where the state ofIllinois got its name from?

Go to the link:

And find out where the word, ILLINOIS, came from.

That was really cool! Who knew?


2.     Next, you are going to look at a map ofIllinois, a see where the different Native American tribes lived all over thestate.


Study this map thelink: Look at the various tribesthat lived in our state before the pioneers settled.


Wow, there were a lot of tribes in Illinois. That map didn’teven include older Native American tribes of Illinois, like the Cahokia MoundBuilders!


3.     Next, we are briefly going to learn about theCahokia Mound Builders. This was a South-Western Illinois Native American Tribe.

Learn more about this at the link:

Remember to take your time looking all their provided links andtake notes on their culture! This includes clothing, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry,food, shelter, games, transportation, and even weapons!!!

That was really interesting. The Mound Builders of Cahokia werevery advanced for their time.

4.    Next, you are going to learnmore about all Illinois Native American tribes

                  AllIllinois Tribes:


5.    Next, you are going to learnmore about specific Illinois Native American culture.  This includes clothing, hairstyle, makeup,jewelry, food, shelter, games, transportation and even weapons. There are manylinks below. Be sure to visit and READ ALL THE LINKS to learn more about theirculture.

Learn more about…

1.    Illini:

2.   Shawnee:

3.   Miami:


4.   Dakota:

5.   Ho-Chuck:

6.   Chickasaw:

7.   Illinois Native American Clothing:

8.   Illinois Native American Weapons:

6.    You’re finished researching; now you get todo the fun part.

Youare going to be creating a piece of artwork that ishistorically accurate. You can use any medium, crayons, markers, paint or evena diorama, to create your image of an Illinois Native American Tribe.

Your image must include atleast 5 aspects of 1 Illinois Native American culture. Aspects include: clothing, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, food,shelter, games, transportation, and even weapons.

Be sure to write down whichNative American tribe you are describing on your artwork. This art must behistorically accurate, meaning you did not make it up, it is factual. I will begrading your art and your learning log notes to determine if you visited all ofthe given websites.

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