Holidays in Mexico and Spain



Day #1

1. As you enter today, please get out your journals and write your answer to the the following questions.

a. What do you know about holidays in Spanish-speaking countries?

b. How are holidays celebrated and observed in Spanish-speaking countries similar to and different from each other and holidays celebrated and observed in the United States?

2. Once you have taken time to fill out your journals, please meet with one or two other people to discuss what you have written. While you talk, please have one person jot down the key things you discussed for each question.

3. Please use your summary page from your discussion group about the journal writing to help fill out a class KWL chart about holidays in Spanish-speaking countries.

4. Please take a moment to fill out an anticipation guide, your teacher will have this for you.  For the anticipation guide, you will need to read through 10 true or false statements and predict if the statements are true or false, after learning about the holidays, we will go back and look at these statements again and answer them with the correct answer. 

5. Check with your teacher to figure out who your partner is for this project.

6. Ask your librarian to give you a brief tour of where books related to holidays of Spanish-speaking countries are in your school library.

7. Click on "Attachment #1" below to find a list of all the bigger holidays celebrated in Mexico and Spain.

8. Take 15 minutes to look through the websites below, the books in your school library and the materials your teacher brought in to help and make a list of at least five holidays that look interesting to you and your partner.

9. Your teacher will hold a drawing for choosing holidays, when your name is called tell the teacher one of your five choices - this is to make sure all the travel agencies have a fair way of choosing which holidays each gets to present.

Day #2

1. Please listen while your teacher explains how he or she would like you to set goals for each day of the project. Your teacher will also speak to you about how to use non-fiction elements - pay special attention to these, they will help you with gathering information about your project.

2. Please print a packet of information for you below in "attachment #2" unless your teacher has already made copies for you. This packet will help you organize the information you need to be successful with your project. The packet contains a place for listing and reflecting on daily goals, two types of graphic organizers (just choose one type to do for each holiday), a place to record your sources, a list of what to include in your power point or another choice of project and a checklist to go through before you present to make sure you have every thing.

3. Before you leave today, please fill out an exit slip that has you list 5 resources you would like to look at to find information about your holidays.

Days 2-5

Make sure to begin each day by setting your goals, then share your goals with one other group. Also, don't forget to reflect on how well you did at reaching your goals at the end of the project.

Each day check to see if you have any admit slips or exit slips that go along with the project at the front of the room.

Research for information - use the links below along with the books and other resources in the classroom or library to find information about your topic. While researching please make sure you have at least 4 resources for each holiday - two websites, one book and another material of your choice unless given permission otherwise.


http://www.mexonline.com/holiday.htm - MEXICO’S OFFICIAL AND RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS - an online guide to Mexico which gives a detailed calendar of the holidays celebrated in Mexico. Some of the holidays even have links to further information

http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/mexconctholidays.html - MEXICO’S FIESTA AND HOLIDAY CALENDAR – YEAR 2000 - this site lists all of the holidays celebrated in Mexico by month. It also has a code that helps you to know if the holiday is a national holiday, religious holiday or local holiday / festival

http://www.elbalero.gob.mx/kids/about/html/holidays/home.html - HOLIDAYS - great website which provides links to more information about Mexico in an easy to understand way

http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/holidays.htm - HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD FOR K-12 - talks about how various holidays are celebrated by different countries. The website lists the holiday with different links to find more information about the holiday IN certain countries

http://gomexico.about.com/od/festivalsholidays/p/mexico_carnaval.htm - MEXICO CELEBRATES CARNIVAL - talks about the holiday of Carnival with links to other holidays celebrated in February

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holidays_and_celebrations_in_Mexico - PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IN MEXICO - contains a chart with the names of holidays in English, the local names of the holidays and a brief description of the holidays. Many of the holidays have links (remember that this is Wikipedia and information can change and may not always be true, so be careful please)

http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/feature/xmasindex.html - CHRISTMAS IN MEXICO / NAVIDAD IN MEXICO - site contains numerous links to articles related to Christmas in Mexico

http://www.holidays.net/halloween/muertos.htm - LOS DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS – article about the holiday, Day of the Dead

http://www.kidsculturecenter.com/mexico/mex_holiday.htm - MEXICO - CULTURE – HOLIDAYS - explains some of the holidays (Christmas, Las Posadas, Day of the Dead, Mexico Independence Day and Cinco de mayo)

http://www.mexconnect.com/MEX/austin/posadas.html - newspaper article about Las Posadas




http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_holidays_in_Spain PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN – lists all of the public, national and regional holidays in Spain as well as links on each holiday to help find more information (Please be careful, anyone can publish information on this site, therefore, information is not always accurate)

http://www.californiamall.com/holidaytraditions/traditions-spain.htm - SPAIN “FELIZ NAVIDAD” – explains the Christmas traditions of Spain and gives recipes for food that is eaten during the Christmas holidays

http://www.escuelai.com/spanish_magazine/christmas_spain.html - CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS IN SPAIN – talks about the traditions of Christmas and gives information about some of the holidays surrounding Christmas

http://library.missouristate.edu/resources/holidays.shtml - FESTIVALS, HOLIDAYS AND TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS – links to different festivals, holidays and traditional customs, divided by the holiday and location

http://www.worldbook.com/wb/Students?content_spotlight/holidays/christmas - CHRISTMAS - talks about Christmas in general and how it is celebrated around the world, also gives links to other holidays as well

http://gospain.about.com/od/spanishfestivals/qt/christmasspain.htm - CHRISTMAS IN SPAIN – HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES IN SPAIN – describes the Christmas traditions in Spain

http://www.aerostamps.com/chetski/holidays/Easter/traditions.shtml - EASTER TRADITIONS - offers links to how Easter is Celebrated in various parts of the world, it also provides links to Mothers Day, Valentines Day, St Patrick, Memorial Day and Christmas

http://www.kidzworld.com/article/4973-hispanic-culture-and-traditions - HISPANIC CULTURE AND HERITAGE – describes some holidays and traditions associated with the holidays, provides links for more information

http://www.topics-mag.com/internatl/holidays/spain/easter-spain.htm - A CELEBRATION IN SPAIN: THE EASTER WEEK – describes the Easter celebration in Spain

http://www.spainexpat.com/spain/information/holidays_in_spain/ - HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN – lists all the different types of holidays in Spain and gives a paragraph description about each one

http://www.gocurrency.com/articles/holiday-spain.htm - discusses Christmas and the Christmas Season in Spain

Day 6

1. Watch an example of a power point presentation about a holiday.

2. As a class, brainstorm other ways to present your information visually and list these ideas on the board and discuss each one - how will you make sure everyone in the class can see the information, how much information do you need, etc.

3. Begin working on your visual presentation -- don't forget to set goals!

Days 6-7

Create a powerpoint presentation or another type of visual approved by your teacher for each holiday (the holidays can both be connected into one final visual presentation)

*If choosing to do a power point presentation, a good way to go about setting up the presentation is below

a. Slide 1 - Name of the holiday

b. Slide 2 - Who celebrates the holiday?

c. Slide 3 - What is done during the holiday? - to prepare for the holiday and a basic time line of events

d. Slide 4 - When is the holiday celebrated?

e. Slide 5 - Where is the holiday celebrated?

f. Slide 6 - Why is the holiday celebrated?

g. Slide 7 - How is the holiday celebrated?

h. Slide 8 - Bibliography

Day 8

1. Finish your visual presentation

2. Get prepared to present - decide with your partner how the information will be presented, go through the checklist below to make sure you are prepared to present.

3. Practice presenting your information alone at first, then join another group and listen to each others presentations - offer suggestions for improvement and give compliments for parts well done.

4. Get a good night sleep and a great breakfast to prepare for the presentations.

Day 9

1. The groups have arrived and everyone is anxiously waiting to hear about your holidays! Take a deep breath and have fun!

2. While you listen to the holidays presented by other travel agencies, please take some time to fill out two pieces of information (see attachment #3 below). The first piece of information to fill out is information about each holiday to help you with your future projects. The next piece of information asks you to evaluate the presentations of your peers.






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    Description: Forms to fill out during the presentation

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