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Link #1: Grand Canyon History

  1. How did the Colorado River form the Grand Canyon? 
  2. What do the layers of the Grand Canyon reveal? 
  3. For how long have Native Americans lived in the Grand Canyon? What Native American reservation can you find there today? 
  4. Why did the Ancestral Puebloan people leave the Grand Canyon? 
  5. Who was one of the first people to raft the Grand Canyon? Give two details from his expedition. 
  6. What are the three major rims of the Grand Canyon? Write two facts for each major rim. 

     7. How did Colter's creations influence future buildings constructed in national parks? 
     8. What type of materials did Colter use? What style were the buildings?
     9. Pick two of the landmarks Colter designed. Write a three sentence description for 
         each landmark. 

     Pick two photos from the photo gallery and answer the following questions for each 
             *Describe the people, objects, and activities in the photograph. 
             *List 3 things you might infer from this photo. 
     10. Photo #1
     11. Photo #2

     12. What are three general considerations to take when whitewater rafting?
     13. Choose one whitewater rafting trip option. Write a three sentence summary 
           on what travelers can expect and some of the sites they will see and two companies
           that offer trips at that location. 
     14. Choose a different whitewater rafting trip option from #13. Write a three sentence
           summary on what travelers can expect and some of the sites they will see and two 
           companies that offer trips at that location.

Link #5 & Link #6: Rafting Videos

          *Watch both videos and answer the following question in a short answer. 
                      Video 1: Kayaking
                      Video 2: Paddle Boat Rafting

     15. Based on the videos you watched, would you prefer kayaking or paddle boat rafting
           down the Colorado river? Explain your answer.   

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