Cha Ching: Show Me The Money



Part 1 Define the words for homework.

Vocabulary words to define: [ Use your dictionary first. If you cannot find some of these words then go to http://www.investorwords.com/  ]

  1. economy
  2. command economy
  3. market economy
  4. economics
  5. production
  6. distribution
  7. consumption
  8. goods
  9. services
  10. industry
  11. agriculture
  12. technology
  13. consumer
  14. taxes
  15. credit

Part 2 Want vs. Need

Class Discussion should involve the difference between wanting and needing things.

Allow time for students to begin working on Want Vs. Need Worksheet / Writing Assignment

Part 3:

 With your partner come up with a worksheet / quiz / graphic organizer using all 15 vocabulary terms.

Part 4:

Begin showing power point to students. Provide 

Quiz / Worksheet/ Graphic organizer to be given to other groups for completion during class.

Part 5

In this part you will study other Economic Systems and work in your groups in the completion of the worksheet, Economic Systems - Comparison Chart. This will provide you with experience on how to come up with your group's own Economic System. (See Worksheet & Unit Economics PPT (definitions of economies)  Below)

When done doing this section in groups, discuss as a class.

Part 6

Roles - See your assigned role in your group. Take a few minutes to reflect on what it would really be like in your role. Jot down on piece of paper what your role would be like. Now, join the other person who shares your role (from the other group) and discuss with one another your responsibilities. Add any items that you feel are important to the role.

Everyone will know share to the entire class. their important role to the position

Part 7:

Group assignment:[ Get Ready]
The finance minister will assign each citizen class a research topic to explore. The assistant to the finance minister will organize the project.The final project will include a portfolio of research notes, 
the compare/contrast chart, a brief biography of your economist, a list of countries that employ this economy ( include a map with highlighted countries), a copy of the current event article attached to the report.
Each group will choose one of the following to give as a class presentation:
        1. power point presentation with a minimum of 15 slides, include introduction and reference slides.
        2. graphic novel that is designed to educate fellow citizens about their economy. It must be at least 5 pages, both sides and msut include the benefits of the economic system to the people
        3. propaganda posters. create a series of posters, minimum of 5, with slogans and graphics that support the economic system. Appeal to all income levels. 
Remember to cite all work, graphics, photos. If you are not sure then cite. 
 How it works:
A. Hand in a group agreement form that lists the following, include assigned tasks (the finance minister and assistant will work with all groups);
	1. Finance minister
	2. Assistant to the Finance minister
	3. Low-income citizens
	4. Middle-income citizens
	5. Wealthy citizens
	6. Homeless person  
B. Next you will research your economy to create your comparison chart, economist, and countries.
   Use the following list of websites (you may use others but use your critiquing skills to decide whether or not they are authentic. 




C. Setting up your economic system:

When setting up your economic system use the following questions to prepare your paper,

 group project, and to finish your individual KWL charts;

1. What goods will you use to grow your economy?

2. Will your economy be based on agriculture, industry, or technology?

3. How will you export your goods?

4. What will you have to import to help sustain your economy?

5. How will you set up the tax system?

D. Biographical sketch:

1. Name, date of birth, date of death

2. Briefly state philosphers view of how and effective economy works

3. List and map the countries that subscribe to your philosphers economic ideas

E. Final Project

1. Turn in all individual work by the end of the week. Prepare group projects for presetation on Monday.

2. Prepare for a debate on Monday. You will try to persuade the other group to change to your economic system. Prepare to discuss the following;

      a. What goods and services you provide to and for your citizens

     b. How you take care of your citizens

     c. What you use to generate revenue for your country

     d. Why your citizens like to live there

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