Step 1- Getting Started

First, you will conduct a search to find a definition of intelligence.  Using http://dictionary.reference.com/ what is intelligence?  Record your findings on a Word document.  Make sure you site your source.

Step 2 – What Intelligence Means to You

Keep in mind the definition you just found.  In your own words, what would you say intelligence is?  Record your answer on your Word document.

Step 3 – What Do You Want to Discover?

What are some questions you have about intelligence?  Record 3 questions that you would like to learn about on your notebook paper.  Once you have come up with your questions, show Miss Ainsworth.

Step 4 - Research Process

You will need to research and put your findings in your own words on your Word document. 

Here are your questions:

             In what ways can intelligence be demonstrated?

             What is the relationship between intelligence and how well one does in school?

Do you think artificial intelligence should be used on humans in the future? 

Use these websites to help you with your research: YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 4 SENTENCES IN YOUR ANSWERS!

Website #1

Website #2

Website #3

Website #4

Step 5 – Uncover Your Questions

You will be researching the three questions you showed to Miss Ainsworth on your own.   Refer to Miss Ainsworth’s Website Evaluation Tool here.  As you are researching, you will keep the website evaluation tool in mind when looking for reliable information.  You will include the information you find about your questions in your own words on your Word document.  Also, please include the websites where you found your information on your document.

Step 6 – Am I left or right brain dominant?

Use the following link and take the quiz.  Once you have taken the quiz click on the link that says "View Personalized Analysis" to copy and paste in into your Prezi.  On a new slide, write a summary of what the results said about you.


Step 7 - What types of intelligences do I have?

Use this website to see where you have strengths.  Include your top two categories in your Prezi.


Step 8 – So What Does This Mean?

Go through the following PowerPoint to find out more about results of your  Multiple Intelligences survey.  Put the information in your Prezi that you found out from this presentation.

Watch this PowerPoint

Step 9 – The Final Argument

               Does a person’s intelligence determine how successful he or she will be in life?  Why or why not?

State your position on the first question above.  Taking all research into consideration, make your argument to support your position in paragraph form (7 – 10 sentences).  Also, find an internet article that helps support your position and add it as a link in your Prezi that displays your final argument.

Step 10 – Creating Stage

Go to your Prezi account.  Hopefully, you can remember your account information.  Your username is your school email: #####@ms.vwcs.netIf you can't remember you're password, click on forgot password and Prezi will send you an email that will allow you to reset it.  It's important that you don't have to keep resetting your password so here are a few suggestions: send yourself an email through your school email with Prezi info in the title then in the message type your username and password, or you can create a Word document that has this info also.  Miss A. prefers the email because she can access the information from any computer 

Here is a check list of what you need to include in your Prezi:

-          a definition of intelligence

-          what intelligence is (in your own words)

-          ways intelligence can be demonstrated

-          the relationship between intelligence and how well one does in school

-          the research on your 3 questions about intelligence

-          the top 2 results of your multiple intelligence survey with the information from the PowePoint about your strengths.

-          An answer to the Essential Question:  Does a person’s intelligence determine how successful he or she will be in life?  Why or why not? (7-10 sentences)

-          At least 3 pictures

-        A page of the sources you used for your research

Step 11 – Final Preparations

You will now be practicing for you small group informational presentation.  Your Prezineeds to be complete and include each part so that you earn full points. Make sure you look at the scoring rubric to see how you will be graded. Practice giving your presentation with a classmate you are not going to be presenting to. Make sure you know what you are familiar with what you will say during your presentation. Also, don’t forget to talk slowly, loudly, and clearly and make eye contact with your audience.  Good luck…you will do great!


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