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Read through all the tasks before beginning, noticing that Tasks #8 & #9 have a deadline! Thus begins the "road to the final four"! Also, create a folder on your desk top entitled "March Madness." Save anything & everything in that folder.

You should always have this page open on your computer. Otherwise, it's easy to forget something.


A Guide for Non-Fans  

Task #1: Choose any 4 of the teams on the NCAA tournament bracket sheet. (7th graders, please choose different teams than you did last year). You will use these teams throughout this WebQuest. You should choose a variety of teams from all over the country. Fill out the team questionnaire about each of your four teams. Web sites you will need to complete the questionnaire include: ESPN, Wikipedia, CBS and NCAA.com. Keep the team questionnaire & any other documents you print in your packet. You can also just search on the Wikipedia page.

Task #2: Create 3 bar graphs at Kids' Zone OR on NUMBERS on your Mac, using the information from your questionnaire. Be sure to put a title on each graph, use proper labels, and check for spelling & capitalization. After making your graphs, compare your four teams & answer the questions on Worksheet #1.

  • Double Bar graph #1 should compare wins & losses for each team. Create a bar for each team's wins & losses; that will give you eight bars. Be careful when labeling each bar! For example, use something such as "Team's Wins" & "Team's Losses".
  • Bar graph #2 should show free throw percentage for each team.
  • Bar graph #3 should show 3-point field goal percentage for each team.
  • Drag your graphs to your desktop & save them. Email all three to me in one email. 

Task #3: Determine how many miles (one way) each of your teams has to travel to reach their first-round game. You will need to fill in the table on Worksheet #1. Web sites needed: Map Quest and USPS.  ESPN link - shows where all teams play

Task #4: On Wikipedia, (SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND A TABLE) find the number of teams who have won exactly one men's basketball championship. Note the tools at the top of the table that will enable you to put the teams in order of the number of championships they have won. Answer this question on Worksheet #1.

Task #5: On that same Wikipedia page, use the table to name the teams that have won three or more championships. Fill in the table on Worksheet #1 and answer the ensuing question.

Task #6: Choose one option:

1. Read the Ask Dr. Math conversation on "NCAA Tournament Possibilities" at MathForum. Be sure to read the entire email conversation, which deals with probability. Write your own question to ask Dr. Math regarding the NCAA tournament and math. Write your question on Worksheet #2. If you want, you may email your question to Dr. Math at that web site, but let Miss Schwien okay it before you send it. Let me know if you receive a response!

2. Read the article "More Than 9.2 Quintillion Possible Combinations for NCAA Bracket".

3. Read the article "March Madness 2014: What are the odds? A perfect NCAA tournament bracket is all about the numbers".

Task #7: This is a test of your ability to use technology! Download a team photo or team logo of each of your four teams by right-clicking on the image and save it to the folder on your desk top. Then you must insert them all into one email and send them to me at lschwien@rvclass.org. Be sure to type "team photos" on the subject line of the email. You will have to visit each of your team's web sites to find the images. You can probably do this through ESPN or do a Google search.

Task #8:  Follow the tournament and fill out the bracket as the tournament unfolds. Even if you aren't a basketball fan, there are all kinds of awesome, inspiring stories surrounding the NCAA tournament. Follow your teams and get involved! We will have a contest among the 6th & 7th graders so fill out your brackets & get them to Miss Schwien by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 16th. Click on the following link for a tournament bracket.

Task #9: Predict the four teams you think will make it to the Final Four in Indianapolis. Make sure that you only choose one team from each of the four regionals; only one team from each of the four parts of the bracket will advance to the Final Four. Email your predictions to me at lschwien@rvclass.org by (March 16). Don't miss the deadline; it will affect your grade!

Task #10: Using Skitch (or something you can edit with) & a map of the U.S. (download at the bottom of this page), mark the cities where your four teams are located.  There is no need to print this map; just do this digitally.

Be certain to:

  1. Mark your cities with a point, making them as geographically correct as possible. Use your Team Questionnaire - the info is there.
  2. Mark the cities where your 4 teams play their first-round games. Write the names of the cities, too.
  3. Mark Houston, Texas, site of this year’s Final Four.
  4. You should have 9 cities marked on your map unless some of your teams play in the same city.
  5. Email your map to me at lschwien@rvclass.org when it is complete.

Task #11: At the ESPN or CBS web site, find the top three scorers & rebounders in Division I men's basketball and the school for which they play. On worksheet #2 fill in the table with their names, schools, and averages. (NOTE: If you use the CBS link, notice that the #1 player in each category is pictured at the top).

Task #12: Test your March Madness knowledge by taking a quiz at KidzWorld. Record your score on worksheet #2 & send me a screen shot of your results. Please take the time to browse other information at KidzWorld. There's some fun stuff there, including some possible insider information!!! lschwien@rvclass.org

Here's another fun quiz from World History Project.

Here are a bunch of quizzes at Sporcle.

Task #13: Test your college mascot knowledge by taking a quiz at KidzWorld. Record your score on worksheet #2 & send me a screen shot of your resultslschwien@rvclass.org

Task #14: List all of the states represented in the tournament in the table on worksheet #2. Then find the total number of states represented & answer the following questions: What fraction of the 50 states is NOT represented in the tournament? What percentage of the states is NOT represented? Remember that even if a state has multiple teams in the tournament, you still only count that state once! You should be able to find the information you need at ESPN.

Task #15: Watch some of these buzzer beaters & other exciting March Madness videos (use your headphones, please): Valpo-Ole Miss  Miracle Minute  Cutting the Nets  ESPN's Top 10 Buzzer Beaters  Gopher Blake Hoffarber  Amazing Shot  ESPN's Top 10 Game Winners  UNI - KU  Top 5 NCAA Hoops Moments  Jackson's Buzzer Beaters  2015 One Shining Moment 2015 March Madness Highlights 2016 First & Second Round Highlights youtube's March Madness Channel 6th graders only: Email me when you have completed this task; no screen shot necessary. Just tell me what videos you watched. If you find a video not listed here, submit it to me at lschwien@rvclass.org

Task #16: Create an infographic at infogr.am, smore.com, or at visual.ly. Use your 4 teams' free throw percentage, field goal percentage, 3 point percentage, or rebounding numbers. You'll have to sign up if you haven't previously done so. Take the tour on the opening page to familiarize yourself with the web page & then have fun with it! Submit your infographic to me at lschwien@rvclass.org Please include "infographic" in your subject line. Click here for a great example of an infographic. Smore might be your best option. See two examples of infographics below.

Task #17: Create an iMovie. This you can do on your own or with a group of two or three. You could film a sports talk show like Mike and Mike in the Morning or Pardon the Interruption, create a short action movie about basketball, create a commercial for March Madness (or for this web quest), or come up with an idea of your own. The key word here is "create"! Book a time with me to share your iMovie with the class!

Task #18: There are many human interest stories that are revealed as the tournament unfolds. Click here to watch the Buick Human Highlight Reel. Email me at lschwien@rvclass.org to let me know that you watched these videos.

Task #19: 

Task #20: Take this March Madness quiz & email me your results. March Madness Quiz         

Fun Task #1: Dylan Rus's find: March Madness Game (wait for the ads to load!)

Fun Task #2: Another find by Dylan: Teamopolis

Fun Task #3: Kilee Sandbulte & Nathan Bartels' find: Mr. Nussbaum

For a good March Madness read, check out the book Final Shot by John Feinstein. It is in our school library & in Miss Schwien's library.


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