Westward Expansion:The Five Themes of Geography



Anticipatory set: Students will view the xtranormal presentation onm the five themes of geography.

*Before joining Lewis and Clark on their expedition, there are some important vocabulary words that must be defined.  Define the following words: agriculture, Corps of discovery, epidemic, expedition, keelboat, pirogue using dictonaries or the internet  resource that you have been given.

* Students will meet in small groups of four to prepare for the teacher's instruction.                           

*Teacher will ask students to think about going on a camping trip with their families.  What do you think you will need to take with you? Why did you choose those items?    Which items would you take if you are only allowed to take ten items?                                                                                               

*Students will work in small groups of four to discuss and agree on the ten items that they would take. The group recorder will list the items on the are post it poster sheet.                                   

* Students will meet back for whole group to share their lists while a student volunteer records the answers and checks for similar answers.  *

* Teacher will explain that every item chosen must have a specific use, especially if you're going on a camping trip.

* Teacher will instruct students to silently read the "Growth of a Country", unit from the student textbook. 

*Students will visit the Lewis and Clark interactive expedition.  After completing the expedition activity, students will answer the following questions.

      1. What were President Thomas Jefferson's three purposes for the westward expedition?

      2. Name three encounters that the expedition team faced?  How did they overcome them?

      3. What type of encounter did they face after four months has passed?



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