The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Human Body Systems





1. Form a group of 4 students and pick which human system you are going to study. Your teacher may pick one for you. Each one of you will need to assume a role of:

Human system functions and vocaulary researcher- This person finds the functions and associated vocabulary a person needs to understand in order to know how this human system functions.

Illustrator and diagram researcher- This person researches the literature and internet resources to find diagrams and illustrations that highlight the human body their group is studying.

Layout editor- This person helps to coordinate the information coming in from the researchers and organizes it into a visually pleasing layout to meet the goals of the task set forth by the chamber.

Publisher- This is the "every role" position. This person makes the determination to see if more information is needed and the quality of the finished product will meet the demand of the chamber. This person will also aid the researchers if they need help and help steer the group to collaborate on the final product to be sure everything requested from the webquest has been satisfied.

 2. You have 5 class periods to finish the project.

3. Fill out Research Summary Page as you search the web– this will include brief information about your finding and all the Internet links you have found based on the research. Use the following links below to help your group compile information and images about the human body system you are making your newletter about.  











4. You should not limit the information on your newsletter to what is required. You could also include information on the following to name but a few:

How your system works to carry out its function

What other systems it may closely interact with

How it was discovered

Pertinent research being conducted on the system 

5. Don’t limit yourself just to the web. Look at encyclopedias, magazines, newspaper articles and books.

6. For the article give your opinions based on what you have found out about the system.

7. Produce the newsletter on Microsoft Publisher® or Microsoft Word®, making it as visual as possible. Use your imagination!!

Research Summary Page 

Useful websites for diagrams: 








Vocabulary Terms






Organs and tissues of the system 



Interesting facts 









Ways to keep the system healthy 












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