Order or Chaos?



Step 1:

DISCOVER (individually)

Prepare a type-written response (1/2 page, single spaced) to the videos you watched in the introduction.

Then...answer the questions on the Golden Ratio Discovery Worksheet (found in the "Resource" section at the bottom of this page). You can find the answers on the following websites:

Fibonacci Sequence

Pascal’s Triangle

Golden Ratio
, Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci Spiral

Due Date:  April 23rd

Step 2:

(in groups)

Find the Golden Ratio in five different objects (around school, home, in nature, etc.) and report your findings and measurements on the Golden Ratio Treasure Hunt worksheet.

Visit the following website for ideas on where to look for the Golden Ratio:
Golden Ratio in Nature

Complete the Is My Body Made of Gold Worksheet.

Due Date:  May 4th

Step 3:

SHARE (in groups)

Choose a method of presenting your findings from the options below:

All presentations must include:

1.  Definition and background information for the Golden Ratio (gathered from your research in step 1).
2.  Examples of the golden ratio found in different places all around us (gathered from your discovery in step 2).
3.  A conclusion that answers the question posed at the beginning of your quest, “Is there order found in the world we live in?” and “How does this relate to math?”.

Presentation Options:

Option 1:  Power Point Presentation
Using Microsoft Power Point (click here for a tutorial on how to use Power Point), create a slide show that you will use to present your findings to others.

  • Must contain at least 10 slides
  • At least 7 of your slides must contain graphics such as pictures, diagrams, animation, etc.
  • At least one team member must provide verbal explanation during the slide show presentation

Option 2:  Poster
Using one or more poster boards, create an “eye-appealing” presentation of your findings.

  • Must contain color and visuals (pictures, cut-outs, drawings, diagrams, art, etc.) that make for an interesting presentation.
  • Each team member must have a role in presenting the information verbally to go along with your poster.

Option 3:  “Live” Demo
Using various props and visual aids, demonstrate your findings. (This differs from the poster presentation in that you won’t use a single, 2-dimensional visual, but rather a variety of 3-dimensional props.)
  • Each team member must have a role in presenting the information.
  • Must use a variety of props (objects, measurement tools, etc.) and other visuals (pictures, drawings, etc.) that provide "substance" to your verbal presentation.

Due Date:  May 16th

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