Phases of the Moon



1.       Before the students get started the teacher will read An Inuit Legend that was used in the Inuit culture to explain the changes in the moon.


You will need a discoveryed.com login to use the link above.

2.       The students should write a reflection in response to the following prompt. You have just heard an Inuit Legend about why the moon appears to change from night to night. Think about what you have learned about how the Earth revolves around the sun. You should also think about how the moon appears to look in the sky from night to night.  Write a short reflection in response to the legend. Do you think the shape of the moon changes throughout the month? Why or why not?

3.       In groups of three or four begin a KWL chart. Add facts about what you know about the phases of the moon in the “K” column.  Then add questions that you have or things that you would like to know about the phases of the moon to the “W” column. You will add what you learn to the “L” column throughout the rest of the WebQuest.

4.       Complete the Discovery Education’s Phases of the Moon Exploration. Be sure to use the student exploration guide as you complete the exploration.  


5.       Watch NASA’s Phases of the Moon video. Make sure to note anything you learn on your KWL chart.


6.       Complete the Oreo Moon Phases Activity. Use the following link if you need more information.


(Click on the "Moon, Earth, and Sun" tab. Then click on the "Moon" tab. You will see a list of reading passages, video clips, and ebooks listed)

7.       Think about everything you have learned about the phases of the moon. Write a response to the following prompt. Imagine that you moved to the other side of the Earth. Would you see the same phases of the Earth that your friends would see in Georgia? Why or why not? Use the facts that you have learned throughout this WebQuest to support your thoughts.

8.       Place all of your learning activities into your Science WebQuest folder and submit to the teacher.

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