Famous Mississippians



Below you will find instructions for five tasks that you will complete in order to learn more about Famous Mississippians. You should read through the instructions for each task carefully and completely before beginning the task.

Task One:Mississippi Artists
The first task you will complete is a descriptive writing paragraph. To begin your search, click on the artist below:

Jere Allen

Wyatt Waters
James W. Washington, Jr.
Glenn Ray Tutor
Walter Anderson

Look at the artwork done by the artist. Choose one of these artworks to write a descriptive paragraph about. Use the Descriptive Writing Bubble Map to list adjectives that describe the color, texture, mood, light, and to describe whether you like or dislike the art.

Task Two:Mississippi Athletes
The second task you will complete is interviewing an athlete. Use the Interview Question Guide to formulate questions that you would like to ask the athlete that you will research. After you have composed your interview questions, click on your athlete below to find the answers to your questions.

Mitch Moreland
Reggie Kelly
Erick Dampier
Deuce McAllister
Dizzy Dean

Task Three:Mississippi Authors
Day One: The third task you will complete is an acrostic poem based on one of the titles you have listed by your author on the Author's Book List. Use the link below to create a list of your author's published written works.

Beth Henley

William Faulkner
Shelby Foote
John Grisham
Eudora Welty

Day Two: Choose one title written by your author. You will create an acrostic poem using the letters in this title. Use the website below to create your acrostic poem for this title and print it when finished.

Read, Write, Think Acrostic Poem Generator

Task Four:Mississippi Musicians
The fourth task you will complete is a Musician Fact Finder. Match the facts to each musician as you research them using the links below.

Elvis Presley
Faith Hill
Jimmie Rodgers
B.B. King
Tammy Wynette

Task Five: Five Pocket People Project
The fifth task you will complete is a biography project called "Five Pocket People." For this assignment, you will research the famous Mississippian assigned using the information sheet given. This information will be used to fill the five pockets of the figure you will create. Use the links in the artist, author, athlete, and musician tasks to complete this project.

Once you have gathered your information, you will create your famous Mississippian figure using a variety of materials provided by your teacher. Use the directions below for creating your figure.

  • Use poster board for the body.
  • The person's body must be decorated with at least five different kinds of material, such as: felt, fabric, buttons, yarn, ribbons, straw, beads, etc.
  • The face must be drawn on with crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, made from felt or colored construction paper.
  • Your figure must have five pockets on the costume. They may be on the hat, legs, arms, or body. You may cut slits into the cardboard to use as pockets.

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