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Your paper is to include and elaborate upon the following information:

1.  Describe the type of government your country has.
     a) Some (but not all) possibilities could be a Republic government,
           a Federalist government, a Socialist government, a Communist
            government, etc.  Be sure to explain what the term means.
     b) What are the branches (if any) of your country's government?
     c) Describe the branches or factions of your country's government.

2.  Make note of all the political parties in your country.  Most countries
     have full names for their parties.  Be sure and make note of the party's
     abbreviations too.
                    Example: the Republican party - GOP

3. Briefly describe each political party's stand and basic platform. Describe who
     the party includes and what they "stand for", what they "fight" for.

4.  Who is the current ruling party in your country?
      a) when were they elected into office?
      b) who is the president/leader of your country?
      c) what party do they represent?

5.  Describe at least one interesting or unique aspect of your country's


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