MRS. MIZZI Investigating light Waves



Step1 - Find a partner. Search the internet. Take note of the following terms:

  • crest
  • trough
  • frequency
  • amplitude
  • transverse wave
  • wavelength
  • electromagnetic wave
  • electromagnetic spectrum
  • reflection
  • concave mirror
  • convex mirror
  • refraction
  • lens
  • convex lens
  • concave lens
  • lasers
  • visible spectrum
  • fiber optics

Answer the following questions. Click on the link below.

1. What are waves?

2. What is an electromagentic spectrum?

3. What is light?

4. How does light behave?

5. How do we see light?

6. How do people communicate using light?

You may also search at this website for the terms:

Step 2 - After gathering the information, try working on the activity of this link:

Step 3 - You and your partner are required to make a powerpoint presentation from the gathered information. Send a copy of your powerpoint google docs and share with me.

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