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In the book, Saraswati's Way, we learn about how rural Indian children like Akash sometimes are sent away to support their families instead of completing an education.  We catch a glimpse inside of his classroom and even get to met his teacher, Mr. Sudhir.  We also learn how his family's culture plays an important role in how Akash's life turns out.   

Step 1.  Get to know your group.  After I announce your groups, get into your groups and choose a group leader.  This will be the person who assigns roles within the group.  You will be investigating four main aspects of Indian education and culture in this project:  Education in rural India and how it compares to education here in the U.S., cultural values that lead to a low school attendance, where Indian children go if they do quit school, and where might they work.  It might be wise to assign each group member a specific task to investigate.  Plan your time wisely!

Step 2.  Prepare your travel journal.  Take some time and prepare your journals that I handed out.  You may want to date your pages and prepare now so that you can save time later.  You will be required to complete one entry each day.  This is part of your grade!  Learn from your research and your peers.  

Step 3.  Begin your research.  You have two days set aside to research.  Take your role seriously and find at least 3 credible websites and cite on  your finished Power Point presentation.  Remember what we talked about a site being credible.  If you have any questions, ask your teacher!
Remember to answer your topic questions as thoroughly as possible.  You may use the articles, film clips, and other resources on this web quest to help you get your information. Use your graphic organizers to help you take notes.  Think back to the novel and let that guide you with these topics to be included on your Power Point.  

Step 4.  Spend the first 10 minutes and the last ten minutes of each class period to meet with your groups.  Successful collaboration is very important for the completed project.  Make certain that your group meets, discusses, and plans at least twice each day.  Your group leader should make sure that everyone knows what they are doing each day. 

Step 5.   Know what is expected from you and how you will get a grade. Your first two days will be focused on your individual research.  Days 3 and 4 will be set aside for collaboration to put together everyone's notes and research in order to complete your Power Point.  Day 5 will be final brush-up of Power Point, rehearsals, and the tying of loose ends.  Day 6 is the big day!  Each group will present for at least 10 minutes.  Every group member has to participate.  A rubric is included on this web quest so that you can see what I am watching to see.  I expect nice, neat, informative presentations with 100% participation.  This will be a group grade, so make sure your group members do their parts!  Remember that you are informing your classmates.  Although each group is researching the same topics, chances are you will all learn something new.

Step 6.  Know what your Power Point needs to include.  Your Power Point needs to include at least 16 slides, which is four slides per person.  This does not mean that each person has to do his or her own slides and then fit them all together.  You want a coherent and cohesive slideshow.  You may have 1-2 people work side-by-side on this part.  You may have people in your group who are extremely good at making a Power Point.  It is totally up to you how you do it, but each person's research must be on at least five slides.  (Remember when we talked about words, photos, and information included on Power Point!)  You must address each of the four parts of this assignment.  Besides the 16 slides, you must have a title slide at the beginning and a Bibliography slide at the end.  Remember to cite, cite, cite!

Step 7.  Do not forget  your travel journals.  Part of this educational journey is to record daily something new that you have learned.  You are to write at least three, well-constructed sentences about your new learning.  Write, using first person format, and list facts and opinions.  These  journals will be collected and you will be given an individual grade on this portion of the assignment.  You will have six entries by the time I collect them.  Expect to hand them in after your presentation.  

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