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First, you will locate key places in Afghanistan.  On the map provided, label Afghanistan and it's surrounding countries.  Color each country a different color.  You should have 7 total including Afghanistan.  Then label Kabul, Mazar-e Sharif, Jalalabad, and Kandahar.  Finally, label the Helmand River and Hindu Kush mountains.  Click on map and map2!

Now you will  get a peek at  the Afghan people and begin learning some of the vocabulary and language connected with their culture.  Remember this will be like a very small taste of the culture.  No two people are exactly alike even though they are from the same country.  Be sure to read each set of directions before beginning each task. 

You will use the Sleuth Finder's Log to record information during this WebQuest.  
Go to the CIA World Factbook to begin answering  questions #1-4 on your Sleuth Finder's Log

Here are a few other key vocabulary words you will need to understand. You may have heard some of them on the news.  Follow the links to discover their meanings. You can find the answers to questions #5-9 here.

Here are more links about Afghanistan with pictures to show you what Afghanistan is like:

Afghanistan for kids    Growing up in Afghanistan     

Take a few minutes to listen to the Dari language in and.mp3 sound format. Click on the headphones to begin the recording.    

You were just listening to the Gospel of Luke spoken in the Dari language, one of the two main languages in Afghanistan.  Now you will have a chance to view both the Dari and Pashtu alphabet.  Take time to explore each Web site.  On the back of your Sleuth Finder's Log write at least 3 letters in either alphabet.  Make sure to label the letters and which language it is. 

Read a couple of short biographies on Deborah Ellis. Be sure to read the question #11 on your Sleuth Finder's Log before beginning this activity.  

Biography #1 Biography #2

You will get to use your artistic talents by coloring in some paper doll models to look like someone you might meet in Afghanistan based on what you have learned about clothing in this WebQuest.  From the table choose either a BOY or GIRL. Add clothing from what you learned from the section about clothing and color the doll. When you are finished list at least 4 facts you have learned about Afghanistan during this WebQuest on the back of the Afghan doll.

 Finally, you will complete a Compare/Contrast Bouble Bubble map about similarities and differences between you and Afghans. 

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