Georgia and WWII (1939 - 1945)



 You will have a 2 roles to play in this project and you must meet deadline set by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).  

The Researcher will use the websites provided to find the appropriate answers to the given questions.  In order to answer the questions in the class time allotted, you will not need to visit any website that is not given to you below.  Once you have researched a questioned, spend time completing a rough draft of your answer for the AJC. 

The Journalist will summarize the information the researcher has found so an appropriate answer to each question can be given to the editor of the AJC.  The journalist should make sure the article written is grammatically correct and ready to be print in two days.  In addition, a picture for each main questions should be submitted with the article.


 The following questions, numbered 1-3, have been asked by the newspaper. Each question has very specific parts that are indicated below and categorized by letters.  

1.  Describe the impact of events leading up to American involvement in World War II to include the Lend-lease Act and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
A.  What were the main causes of WWII?  
           i.   What was the Treaty of Versailles and how did it impact Germany?
           ii.   What actions did Hitler take that led to WWII?
           iii.  What was the policy of appeasement and how did it fail?
           iiii.  What was the League of Nations and what 4 ways did they fail?
B.  Was the United States really neutral country at the beginning of WWII? 
          i.  Describe the background of the Lend-Lease Act.
          ii.  Describe the Lend-Lease Act of 1941.   
          iii.  Explain the Effects of Lend-Lease and why Lend-Lease ended.
C.  What major event finally pushed the United States into WWII?
           i. Where did this event happen and what date was it?
           ii.  What nation led the attack against the United States?
           iii.  What loses (men/equipment) were suffered by both sides?
           iiii.  Provide a summary of this event.

D.  What was D-Day and what date did it occur?

E.  What happened in Japan at the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


2.  How did Georgia's economy evolve as a result of WWII?
A.  The Bell Aircraft (Bomber)
           i.   What was the program designed to build?
           ii.  Where was it located and how did the area change as a result?
           iii.  How many aircraft did it produce and how many people did it employ?
           iv.  What much money did Georgia get as a result of the program?

B.  What was the purpose of major military bases in Georgia during WWII?
C.  What impact did the shipyards at Savannah and Brunswick have on our economy?
D.  Who was Richard Russell and what impact did he have on society?
E.  Who was Carl Vinson and what impact did he have on society?

3.  What was the Holocaust and how did it impact Georgia?
A. What was the Holocaust?
          i.  Who was primarily targeted by the Holocaust?
          ii.  Approximately how many people were killed as a result of the Holocaust?
          iii. Who is considered responsible for the Holocaust?
          iv.  What was Auschwitz and how many people did this place "eliminate"?
B.  How did the Holocaust impact Georgia?
          i.  What city in Georgia did most Jewish immigrants settle and trive?
          ii.  Who is Jacob Rothschild and what did he do for Georgia?
          iii.  Who is Harold Hirsch and what did he do for Georgia?

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