Womens Suffrage



1. You will break off into six groups of four reporters in each group. Each group will be responsible for helping put together the poster board with one time line, one vocabulary art and photo collage, but everyone will write their own individual story to turn in to me for a grade. The more involved you are to finding the clues the better reporter you will be.

2.When you are ready go to these three websites (down below) to help you find the answers. Make sure that you use the search boxes and think up words or phrases that will get you the information you want. If you are looking for something and can't find it because of spelling let me know and I will try to help. For copying photos for your project, you will select the photo with your cursor (the arrow) and then push the left mouse button. Select save photo and then write in a short title so you will remember the photo. Push save and then when you are ready to print it go to the pictures icon on your computer and select your saved photo. You will have an option to print but make sure you okay it with me before you push the print button.

3. When you are doing your time-line try to write it in your own words as much as possible and try to make it shorter if it is too long. Make sure you include the important information though. Use at least 12 major points.

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