The Origin of Words



Select one of the following words:
heart                        ice
horse                       dog
house                      short
hand                        game
apple                       book
nail                           man
shoe                         ball
bread                       ring
bed                           brush

Step One:  Go to each of the websites listed on the introduction page and find all the information you can about your word. You want details. Copy the information to the Eytmology Worksheet, a word document. You will find this information below. Save the document under your name in the Thaw Space. DO NOT USE MY DOCUMENTS. If you do, all your information will be erased.  Make sure you list the SOURCE for the information you copy. These are your notes for your paper.

Step Two: Open the attached file for the specifications for the paper you are writing. Look at the sample paper to get an idea of the final product.

Step Three: Compile your information, following the sample paper. Make sure you are not just putting together a string of information. Make your paper interesting. You may want to search the internet for information about your word such as song lyrics and poetry. If you use either, make sure they are published, not a person's personal blog post. Again, cite the source!

Step Four:  Use the citation machine website to create your Works Cited page. Works Cited information must be in alphabetical order. See the attached page for information.

Photo Credit:
dictionary.jpg. N.d. Photograph. AllFacebook.com, New York City. Web. 18 Feb 2012. .

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