Global fish extinction



Step 1

You know that the problem of fish extinction is very serious nowadays and it needs urgent solution.

Read the text and answer these questions:

1 What fish species are endangered nowadays and why? 

2 What does the flow of soil nutrients  cause in the ocean?

3 What are the human effects on the oceans?

4 What happened to tropical coral reefs?

5 What do scientists do to stop this mass extinction event in the oceans? 

You will be divided into teams of four students. Work in teams and discuss this problem exchanging your ideas using the supporting words and phrases from the text (overfishing, pollution, extinction, inevitable,extreme danger, dead zones, chemicals, plastic wastes, urgent, marine ecosystems).

Step 2

You must help ecologists to save fish from extinction and find out how you will do it.

Using the links below find the necessary information for carrying out the following tasks:

1  Distribute these websites among your teams and study them carefully (one for the team).

2  Express your attitude to this problem and tell your friends what you would do if you were an ecologist, dealing with protection of marine life. Other teams tell you about the information they have learned from their websites. Exchange your opinions and ideas on this point.

 Step 3

Write a report and highlight the main reasons of fish extinction on our planet, after that analyze all possible ways of saving fish in the seas and rivers and give your reasons why it should be done that way.

Use the links below and read international reports on the state of marine life and fish extinction and see  its structure for you to create your own report as a product of this webquest. Watch videos contained in the following link and listen to the opinions of experts of nature conservation.Write down the main ideas concerning this problem.

You can also use other websites and videos in the Internet to find more valuable information to make your report complete, convincing and very interesting.

Step 4

There is the form of the report you need to complete. Using the link below complete the passages with necessary information you have collected in the Internet following the structure of the report. You can use the missing sentences from those listed below. Define which of them match the numbered passages.


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