The Four Seasons




  1. Once your teacher has placed you into groups of four, you will each be assigned a season.
  2. Next, you will need to print out the notes page provided below.
  3. ONLY use the links provided below for your research and ONLY the ones that pertain to your assigned season.
  4. As you gather information you will need to write it down on your notes sheet.
  5. You will need to find the following: Typical weather, appropriate activities, holidays (include your group member's birthdays), and appropriate clothing.
  6. Once you have completed your research and notes page, you will meet with your group and share the information you found.
  7. As a group you will create one collage for each season.
  8. Each collage will be done on 11 x 14 inch poster board.
  9. The collage will be made up of pictures that you, as a group, will either cut out of magazines, print off the internet, or you may use hand drawn pictures.
  10. Try to use pictures with colors that pertain to the season.
  11. Once you have completed all four collages you will tape them together with colorful duct tape (there is a link to an example below).
  12. The teacher will now hang the collages either around the room or in the hallway so everyone can see your beautiful artwork! :)

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