The Midwest Region of the United States



In order to successfully complete your task, follow the steps below.

First - Individual Research

Use the State Research paper to record information about your state. Use the suggested websites to help you find information.

State Facts for Students
50 States
The Fifty States @ factmonster.com
National Parks/Historical Sites
Things to do in...
City Data
Stately Knowledge

Second - Group Work

After you and your colleagues finish the individual research, you will need to get together to decide what type of advertisement you will create. Remember your choices: brochure, radio ad, or commercial.

Brochure: You will need to create a colorful brochure that highlights the interesting and exciting aspects of your state.

Radio Ad: You will record a lively ad that describes the many reasons why people should visit your state.

Commercial: You will film a short commercial that will persuade people to visit your state.

When your group has decided which type of ad to create, see your boss in order to gather the appropriate materials.

You are on your way to becoming an Expert Tour Guide!

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