The First American Colonies



1.  Read pages 66-75 in your History Alive textbook that introduces you to the six colonies.


2.  Based on what you have learned so far decide which of the six colonies you would like to advertise for.


3.  Once you have chosen your colony you will need to answer the following questions:


·        Why was your colony founded?

·        What is the geography and the climate like there?

·        What jobs are available in your colony?

·        Who can participate in the government?


4.      There are four different sources you must use to perform your research: a website, an online encyclopedia, a book of your choice, and at least one of your Social Studies textbooks.  For the websites and online encyclopedias you must use one of the following listed.


Websites to choose from:







Online Encyclopedia to choose from:






5.  After examining at least one of each of the four sources use your graphic organizer to fill in the appropriate information.  Don’t forget to cite your sources!


6.  Once you have answered all four questions and used all four sources, you need to use the information you gathered to come up with a slogan and three catchy phrases.  Your slogan should summarize your colony’s most outstanding feature.

Your three catchy phrases should describe other qualities of your colony.


Helpful Hints

Check the rubric throughout the entire project to see what information is required in each category.


Remember, you are trying to bring colonists to your colony.  Choose information that would be important for someone to move there and is interesting.


7.  After you have answered all four questions and created a slogan and three catchy phrases, you need to create a poster/billboard advertising your colony.


Your poster/billboard must contain at least the following:


·        Your slogan

·        Your three catchy phrases

·        Answers to the four questions

·        Pictures/color (appealing to the eye)


Everything must be done in pencil first.  Once you have written or drawn everything you are going to on your poster, check, double check and triple check over everything.  Look for any spelling or punctuation errors.  Once you are sure everything is perfect, go over everything in marker, crayon, or colored pencils.


8.  Each realtor will present their colony to the colonists in hopes that they choose to move to the colony they are advertising for.  At the end of all the colony presentations, we will take a quick census to see where all of the colonists want to move to.


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