The History of the English Language



TASK 1. Work with the resources given and answer the questions.

  • Go to the page on  language families and say, what language family English language belongs to? 
  • What language was spoken in Britain before the 5th century?
  • Where does the name England come from?
  • What are the three periods of English and how are they called?
  • What words English has borrowed and from what languages? What is the cultural or historical background of these borrowed words?
  • How many words approximately were invented by W. Shakespeare? Give examples.
  • Why and how has English become a global language (Lingua Franca)? How many people speak it as a first or second language?
Create a presentation (Powerpoint slides or on paper) where you
  • show where the English language is situated on the language family tree
  • show the timeline of the development of the English language
  • give the most important points on the timeline and examples of the language at that point
  • choose the most interesting or surprising aspect of English language development and present it to others (again, give examples!)

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