Mr. Bailly's Globalization WebQuest



Please complete the tasks for each day below:

Day 1
Step 1:  Define Globalization using the links #1 and #2 under resources titled Globalization 101  and The Globalization Website. Title this Day 1, Step 1 and write it in your student notebook.

Step 2:  Answer the question, "How does globalization affect the World's Economy?" Go to the PDF resource link #3 titled GLOBALIZATION OF THE WORLD ECONOMY. Label this Day 1, Step 2. Write the question out and answer it in your notebook.

Day 2
Step 1:  Click on resource link #4 and watch the video titled Illicit Globalization and American History.

Step 2: Take notes and write a short summary of the video in you notebook. Title it Day 2, Step 2.

Day 3
Step 1: Review the information from link # 5 titled A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization.

Step 2: Create a timeline using the information and dates provided on the website. Title this Day 3, Step 2 in your notebook.

Day 4
Step 1: Read the news release found by clicking on the #6 resource link titled Globalization Requires Positive Government Policy Responses.

Step 2:  Summarize this article. Rodrik identifies three sources of tension between the global market and social stability. Be sure these are clearly stated in your summary along with his conclusion. Title this Day 4, Step 2 in your notebook.

Day 5
Step 1:  Go back to resource #5 titled A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization. Near the top of the page please find and record the definition of globalization as it realates to Geography. Label this in your notebook as Day 5, Step 1.

Step 2: As your wrap-up and conclusion, you will discuss your opinion of globalization. What are some benefits you see in World globalization. What are some downsides you see to globalization? Refer to the links #7 and #8 to support your opinion. 

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