Industrial Revolution



  • Once you have picked your topic your team will meet to discuss distribution of the research for the project. You pick who does what portion, but everyone has to contribute.
  • Each topic will have a series of questions to be answered. These questions and responses are the basis for your presentations. Make sure to address these in your presentations.
  • Students, you will use links provided to find information, but you may also use other sources to obtain your information. Make sure to site your sources.
  • Team Big Business and Factories, your questions are listed below.
  1. How did big business play a role in the Industrial Revolution?
  2. In big business who were the major players involved?
  3. In the factories innovations caused change, how did this help production?
  4. Child labor was used excessively, describe how the factories profited from the use of child labor.
  5. Big business and factories brought many changes to the United States. Name some of these changes and how they affected society.
  6. Compare and contrast big business and factories during the Industrial Revolution to that of today's.
  7. There were pros and cons to big business and factories, explain what they were.
  • Team Mechanized Farming,  your questions are listed below.
  1. Prior to mechanization how was farming primarily accomplished?
  2. Many innovations were created to aid the farming industry. Name and explain how the major innovations were used.
  3. The cost of farming has drastically changed since mechanization began. Compare and contrast the cost of non-mechanized and mechanized farming.
  4. Which way is more profitable? Why?
  5. How has mechanization improved the farming industry?
  6. What are some benefits of non-mechanized farming?
  7. Explain what disadvantages can be associated with mechanized farming.
  • Team Labor Movement, your questions are listed below.
  1. What was the determined to be the major reason for the labor movement in the United States?
  2. With the movement of the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing became the forefront in America's economy. How did this change affect the growth of cities?
  3. Explain how the adoption of machine manufacturing played a role in the labor movement.
  4. Explain the working conditions that many factory workers faced.
  5. Why were labor unions formed and why the factory owners tried to prevent them.
  6. How did the formation of labor unions improve the rights of workers?
  7. Explain how the presence of women entering the work force affected the labor movement.

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