Self Portrait



Step 1: Please write or type down these questions and then answer them briefly:
  • What are the distinctive things that make me “me”?
  • What are some of my hobbies?
  • What activities I am involved in (e.g. clubs, sports, organizations, etc.)?
  • What are some of the many different sides of my personality?
  • How do I want people to see me?
  • How am I changing from day to day or year to year?
  • Who do I want to become?

Step 2: Use the links provided on this webpage and read about the different meanings each color has. Then, choose 3 to 5 colors that you think best represent you. You will use these colors in your self portrait. Note: if you do not have to include your skin, eye, and hair colors in your selection; these are exclusive of the the 3 to 5 other colors you will choose.Once you’ve decided, use the page used in Step 1 to explain which colors you chose and why. What do they say about you?

Step 3: Choose 3 to 5 objects or items you feel represent you personality, interests, tastes, moods, or beliefs. You will include these in your self portrait. These things can be:
Items from your hobbies. For example, if you like photography, you might choose to draw or paint a camera. If you play an instrument, you might show what instrument you play or music notes. If you like to hike, you might include a hiking boot. These are just some examples; use your imagination!
  • Items that have personal value to you. For example, you might want to include a framed photo of your family, a pet’s collar, a souvenir from a trip, a special gift, etc.
  • Natural objects. For example, leaves, flowers, trees, mountains, planets, comets, or other things you see outside or in space.
  • Symbolic things. You may want to use less obvious things to symbolize some of your traits. For example, if you are wise, you could include an image of an owl.
  • Other items, objects, or animals not listed above. Be creative!

Step 4: On the same page used in Step 1, write down which objects you chose and why. What part of you do they represent?

Step 5: Consider the following about how you want to be represented. The one restriction is that you will show yourself from the waist up, though you may show just your head and shoulders.
  • Outfit. Do you want to show yourself in casual clothes or fancy clothes? A uniform? A costume?
  • Background/environment. Do you want your background to be a solid color? Lots of colors? Plain? Busy? Do you want to show yourself in a specific place? Indoors? Outdoors? On another planet?
  • Expression. Do you want to look happy? Angry? Sad? Confused? Triumphant? Surprised? Do you want to have both eyes open? One eye closed? Both eye closed?

Step 6: Gather materials to make your self portrait with. You will need:
  • A mirror
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes in a number of sizes
  • A cup of water
  • A primed piece of 10 inch by 13 inch masonite board

Step 7: Create your self portrait and please follow these guidelines:
  • Use your mirror as reference of what you look like. Do not use photos of yourself; drawing from life will give your self portrait a more natural feel.
  • Try to draw yourself as realistically as possible. Strive for accurate proportions and remember to blend your colors. Please follow the links on this page and read about facial proportions.
  • Keep your self portrait clean and tidy; be careful not to scratch, break, or stain it.
  • Have fun, be creative, and show your true self!
  • Be prepared to show and discuss your self portrait in class and turn in the writing you did in Step 1.

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