The Nile River



Monday: Students will collect information on preservation and wildlife surrounding The Nile River. Teacher will ask questioning pertain to Egypt and The Nile River.

 Discussion: What continent is Egypt on? How many miles is The Nile River? What is the purpose? Why is this river so important to the local inhabitants? After the discussion about The Nile River is completed students are to list responses inside a Archeologist Journal.

Tuesday: Students will chart Egypt’s surrounding. Students will create a map. Students will prepare a model of The Nile River.

Wednesday: Students will create a model of The Nile River. Create an essay discussing The Nile River.

Thursday: Prepare students for mock sail through The Nile River. Have students prepare what is in the backpacks, each student has a clipboard, map, and paper attached to the clipboard to answer questions about their expedition.  Example questions: How long is the river? Where does the river end?

Friday: Students present their PowerPoint presentations to the class. 

Strand 1: American History/Concept 1: PQ 2: Interpret historical data displayed in graphs, tables, and charts.

Strand 2: World History/Concept 1: PQ 4: Formulate questions that can be answered by historical study and research.

Strand 3: Civics/Government/Concept 2: Structure of Government-No performance objective at this grade level,

Strand 4: Geography/Concept 1/PQ 3: Interpret maps, charts, and geographic databases using geographic databases.

Strand 5: Economics/Concept 1/PQ 3: Explain why specialization improves standards of living.

Resources: Archeologist Journal, pins/pencils, and social studies textbook.


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