United States: Our Founding Fathers



Week 1 - Each student will be assigned a Founding Father. It is each student's responsibility to research facts of the person they have been assigned. Students should click on the following links to find out information about their person. At the bottom of this page there is also a Biography Page document that provides information students need to find while doing research.  All research should come to Week 2 class. Make sure you write down your source / bibliography of where you found the research.

You should use the following websites to locate the information.

George Washington                      George Washington

Biography of Thomas Jefferson      Thomas Jefferson

James Madison                       http://www.funtrivia.com/en/World/Madison-James-13732.html

Benjamin Franklin                         Benjamin Franklin:  Citizen Ben

Alexander Hamilton                       Hamilton and the U.S. Constitution

Week 2 & 3 - Students have completed their research and bring it to Week 2 class. Now you have been place in teams, you need to assign roles for each team member.


Research manager:  This person will be in charge of organizing all the material gathered,  making sure that all the required information is found and a bibliography of sources is included.

Design engineer:  Under the direction of your teacher, the design engineer will be in charge of putting the final project together using PowerPoint or ZOHO 2.0

Project Manager:  The project manager is the person  responsible for making sure that the project is completed on time.  The project manager should also check the rubric to make sure that all the required components are in the final project.

After gathering all of the information, go to ReadWriteThink and create a Timeline about your founding fathers life.  The timeline should begin with the person's birth and end with the person's death.  Be sure to include any significant events in the person's life, including the role played in the development of our Constitution. It is the teacher's plan to do this in class. If this needs to be a homework assignment, the teacher will update this on the website.


It is now time to create your PowerPoint presentation.  You should include  at least 16 slides.  The first slide is the title slide and must include a picture of the founding fathers, the members of the team and his or her role.  There should be two slides for each of the founding fathers which should include the information gathered during your research.  Two slides should include how you think the founding fathers' actions have affected your life today.   You must also have a slide that lists the resources used to create your PowerPoint, including any website visited.  You may choose what to put on the remaining slides.  Be creative and follow the rubric.

PLEASE NOTE: If your class has less than 5 members, your power point slide length will be different. Just remember to do your research and bring it to class on Week 2

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