Plagiarism and the Internet


Plagiarizing has become more of a problem in recent years with the use of the Internet.  Internet users can now copy whole passages from blogs, social networking sites, or emails to use in their papers.  School and work administrators, however, can easily detect plagiarism by using the Google search engine or free online plagiarism checkers. 

The following passages are taken from Beginnings XIV submissions (Beginnings is an annual publication of the Ohio Literacy Resource Center; it is a collection of outstanding student writing from Adult Basic and Literacy Education programs).  Every year, of the hundreds of entries submitted, the Ohio Literacy Resource Center staff find an average of five to seven plagiarized pieces.  When a Beginnings submission has been plagiarized, not only is the submission rejected, but a letter about the plagiarism is sent to the student, the students instructor, and the program administrator. 

Task 6:  Plagiarism Checker

Using the following plagiarism detecting websites, discover which submissions are plagiarized and where the plagiarized material is located on the Internet.  Share what you find with your group.

     Article Checker


     The Plagiarism Checker

1.  Dig a grave
     Dig it deep
     Place a statue at my feet
     On the statue place a dove
     To show da world
     I died for love

2.  A baby girl was born, too early in the world.
     From her mother's womb she was hurled.
     Six weeks premature, and small as she could be,
     that baby girl was me.
     At three days old my heart rate spikes.
     This is not what the Doctor likes.
     "She's sick," he says, "she's very ill."
     There was a bleed in my brain that meant to kill.
     At best I'd be a shell, of what a girl is meant to be.
     At worst long life was not meant for me.
     But God had other plans, as you can surely see,
     for here I sit writing a poem about me.
     At ten days old they operated.
     "A miracle took place," they stated.
     Many years have passed and I'm still alive.
     God is good, he makes me thrive.
     Because of him, I am alive!

3.  So I could call to hear your voice again
      thought of you today, but that is nothing new
     I thought about you yesterday and days before that, too
     Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part
     I think of you in silence and often speak your name
     All I have are memories and a picture frame
     God has you.

4.  Do you feel free when you awake
     To a nice cool breeze upon
     Your face as the sun comes up?
     As you look to the sky so blue
     And birds soaring in air.
     When flowers open their petals
     Ever so softly and the wind blows
     Through the trees and the sweet
     Smell of tulips and fresh cut grass
     Do you feel free?
     As rain drops softly to the ground
     And dries to the suns warm and
     Soft rays.
     As you listen to the birds singing
     In the treetops and caring for
     Their young or butterflies fluttering
     Through the air to and fro.
     Do you feel free? Do you feel free?
     Ahh yes. Feel free my friend
     Feel free.

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