Intergalactic Realtors



In order for us to retain Mr. GreenHead and his associates as clients , you must go above and beyond to provide them with as much information about the planet Earth and its continents as possible.

All of the information that you will need to accomplish your assignment is provided below.


  1. View all resources provided in this section.
  2. Use your paper to write down any notes that you feel will be of help.
  3. Upon completion of your research, you will visit the art center.



  1. Use construction paper to create a brochure for the planet Earth.
  2. Each page of your brochure should contain 1 continent
  3. On each of these pages you are to provide a picture of the continent and provide the information that you think would be important to share with Mr. GreenHead and his family.
  4. Your brochure should be colorful ,interesting and grammatically correct


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