Cyber Bullying



Step 1: You have been assigned to a group of 4. The final step in the process section will be creating a public service announcement (PSA) about Cyber Bullying. Everyone in your group will be responsible for collecting information to use in your PSA. Within your group, decide who will take on each of the four roles. Keep your role in mind as you complete the WebQuest process. 

  • Script writer - this person will take the information that you have gathered as a group and will write a script for the PSA. They will also make sure that each person in the group has an equal speaking part. 
  • Image creator - this person will come up with the words that will flash across the screen during the PSA.
  • Reason voiceover - this person will explain the problem while the image shows the problem.
  • Fact voiceover - this person will discuss the facts while the image shows the facts.
Step 2: Read through the Blogger quick tour to learn what a blog is and how to set one up. Use your previously created Google account to set up a blog on Blogger. Find and follow each of your classmates blogs.

Step 3: Visit the Stopcyberbullying.org website and watch the intro to learn about what Cyber Bullying is. 
  • Write out your own definition of Cyber Bullying and describe how you feel about it as a post on your blog. Consider the following questions in your blog post:
  • What impact do you think Cyber Bullying could have on someone? Why do you think Cyber Bullying has become such a big problem?
  • Post a thoughtful response to the blog posts of three of your classmates. 
Step 4: Watch the ABC Family movie, Cyberbully. The full length movie is embedded below. 

Step 5: Write about your reaction to the Cyberbully movie in a blog post. Consider the following questions in your post:
  • What surprised you, what did you learn? How did you feel during and after watching the movie? Did any of your feelings about Cyber Bullying change after watching the movie?
  • Post a thoughtful response to the blog posts of three of your classmates (different classmates than you responded to previously). 
Step 6: Now that you've had a chance to learn more about Cyber Bullying, test your bullying knowledge. After reading through the facts and myths, post to your blog about your bullying knowledge. Discuss any facts or myths that surprised you.

Step 7: In the movie, the BullyPolice.org website is mentioned. Visit this website and see what it's all about. Consider the following questions in your blog post: 
  • Does Oregon have anti-bullying laws? Do all states have the same laws? How can states improve their anti-bullying laws?
  • Post a thoughtful response to the blog posts of three of your classmates (different classmates than you responded to previously).
Step 8: There are many websites devoted to getting the word out about and putting a stop to Cyber Bullying. Spend some time exploring on your own. 
  • Find three websites and/or videos related to Cyber Bullying that are meaningful to you. Post links to your three resources on your blog and write about why you chose them.
  • Visit the resources from three of your classmates blogs and post a thoughtful response to each classmate about their resources (different classmates than you responded to previously). 
Step 9: It's time to get together with your group to create a PSA. First, you'll want to spend some time watching a few PSAs on AdCouncil.org and BoostUp.org to become familiar with the format. After you've each watched at least three PSAs, work with your group to fill out the PSA Activity and Questions Sheet. Your topic will be Cyber Bullying so you can skip the first three questions in the "Choosing Your Topic" Section. 

Step 10: Work with your group in your previously determined roles to create the script for your PSA using the PSA Script Outline. This is a general outline. Within this outline, you and your group have freedom to create your PSA any way you like! Work as a group using a video camera and Windows Movie Maker to create and edit your PSA. If you need a refersher on how to use Movie Maker, please visit Tips for Using Movie Maker.

Step 11: Upload your group's PSA to your blog and the class website so that the whole class can view it!

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