Octubre - Geografía



This month you will generate a two-page typed report describing the geography of your country. 
You will research and organize your information reporting the noted aspects of geography.

Your report is to include the following information.  Separate each of these aspects
into individual, labeled paragraphs.  You should title each section with the appropriate topic heading.
Too, d
o not forget to write an opening and closing paragraph!

1. Location
          Describe the location of your country
                On which continent is it located?

  • What are its neighboring countries?
  • Is it landlocked? Is it a peninsula? Is it surrounded by water?
  • Which oceans/seas does it touch?

2. Terrain

         Describe the topography and land profile of your country.

         Does it have deserts? rain forests?mountains? rivers? lakes? volcanoes? hills? flat lands? etc.

3. Climate

        Describe the climate variations of your country.

  • You need to note the standard temperatures that your country experiences.
  • How many perceived seasons does your country have?
  • Do the temperatures vary much, or are they relatively constant?

4. Population

        Document your country's current population.

Where does most of your country's population live?

  • Do they reside in your country's large cities? on country farms? in small villages?
  • Is there an even mixture or are the people more in one type of place than the other?


       What sort of agricultural and mineral resources does your country have?

  • What does your country have/grow as their main product?
  • Does your country contain minerals, ores, fossil fuels, etc.?
    What are they?

 DO NOT INCLUDE INFORMATION REGARDING: Politics, History, Religion, Government, etc.  These issues may be noted on your websites; that does not mean you need to use them!  You will cover these issues later in the year.

The websites listed below are simply a starting point.  Do not limit yourself to these.  Explore all other websites (except Wikipedia!).  You must have at least three truly-used references for your report.  Be careful.  With the internet, this is very easy to verify.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated!  If your paper is plagiarized your grade will result in a ZERO!  Just because you document your resource, that does not mean you have not plagiarized.  You must put the information into your own words!


Description: Geography - Bolivia
Description: Geography - Chile
Description: Geography - Colombia
Costa Rica
Description: Geography - Costa Rica
Description: Geography - Cuba
Dominican Republic
Description: Geography - Dominican Republic
Description: Geography - Ecuador
El Salvador
Description: Geography - El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Description: Geography - Equatorial Guinea
Description: Geography - Guatemala
Description: Geography - Honduras
Description: Geography - Mexico
Description: Geography - Nicaragua
Description: Georgraphy - Panama
Description: Geography - Paraguay
Description: Geography - Peru
Puerto Rico
Description: Geography - Puerto Rico
Description: Geography - Spain
Description: Geography - Uruguay
Description: Geography - Venezuela
Description: Check here for instructions to type your report.
Description: Geography - Argentina

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