Keyboarding- Personal Business Letters



In this order students will:

1.  Review the PowerPoint Presentation (Resource 1 at the bottom)  that reviews our Keyboarding lesson  on Personal Business Letters.     

2.  Discuss the sample Personal Business Letter (Resource 2)

3.  Complete Packet of Personal Business Letters (Resource 3- Assignment List)- collect the letters in your folders as you finish each one.

4.  Print out PBL Packet Coversheet (Resource 4) and staple it on top of all of your letters.  Turn the packet in for grading.

5.  Visit website and complete activity to place parts of the Personal Business Letter in order. (Resource 5)

6. Visit website and complete the Fill-in the blank activity (Resource 6).

7. Review Vocabulary list to prepare for your quiz. (Resource 7).

8.  Run the Interactive Personal Business Letter slide show (in play mode) to prepare for your quiz. (Resource 8) .

9.  Click on the quiz link on the left side menu to complete the practice quiz.  Make sure to key your name at the bottom of the practice quiz before submitting answers.  Re-take the practice quiz until you score 100%.

10.  When finished with the real quiz (Monday), create a PowerPoint Presentation over concepts learned throughout the Personal Business Letter Unit.  Use the vocabulary list to help you (Resource 7).  Submit  the file to the I: drive-> Prudhomme-> Keyboarding-> PowerPoints folder when you are finished.

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