The REAL Thanksgiving



Try not to simply google the information and plop it down on paper.  Go the extra step to really conduct research and find facts that most people don't know about.  You never know, using some of the tools noted below, you may find out something about your past family history that you were't aware of. 

Research tools might include, but not be limited to;internet search / metasearch engines, ancestory books and sites, historicaldocuments, videos, and audio recordings.

Website to consider:   Dogpile (Metasaerch engine)

Also, consider using the URLs that are listed below.

Once you have your three pieces of information... and supporting information, go the the Google Doc listed below (#5) and enter your information as directed.

Then, venture into GoAnimation (www.goanimation.com) and create your 2-3 minute story.  See attached link (#6) for an example.  Note... mine is only approx 30 secs.   Yours will be 2-3 minutes.

When all is completed, you will present your facts and video to the class.  You will be graded using the attached Rubric.  You might want to review the rubric before you're done.

Learn something, and have fun !!


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