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You will work on the following activities (in order) to complete this web-quest to learn more about internet safety and ways to share information about it. You will earn a letter for each activity you complete. It is important that you complete every step of the project to ensure you understand the topic.

S)    You remember a friend telling you about a video on internet safety. You find it and decide to watch. Click here to watch a video on internet safety from BrainPop.
Now that you know a little more about internet safety, lets get started on the power point presentation for our younger friends. Open up a new power point slide. Make a title page that includes the title of the presentation (This could be "Internet Safety" or something else that tells what it's going to be about.), your name, and a picture. Save this as "Internet Safety" on your computer.

A)    Now that we've gotten started, click here to read this article on Safe Cyberspace Surfing. You can read it on your own or click the "listen" button to have it read to you.
Go back to your power point slide and create a new slide. Record the three guidelines for Safe Cyberspace Surfing on this page. Include a title, the three rules and at least one picture.

F)    Net Smartz Kids is a great website for learning about how to be Net Smart. Watch this video about Being Safe Online. Take notes about anything new you learned. Then watch this video about The Boy Who Loved IM. Finally, watch the music video for Tell a Trusted Adult.
Now that you have even more knowledge about internet safety, you can choose one of the following options to complete for "F":
                    a) Write a poem, song or rap about internet safety in MS Word.
                    b) Create a poster in Kerpoof and include a slogan about internet safety. Save it as a jpeg.
Once you've done a or b, make a new slide on your power point presentation and copy/paste your rap or insert a picture of your poster onto the slide.

E)     Here is another article to read about Your Online Identity. Click here to read the article.  You can read it on your own or click the "listen" button to have it read to you. Go back to your power point slide and create a new slide. Record the rules you should follow to pretect your online idenity. Include a title, the rules and at least one picture.

T)      Download this Treasure Hunt and print it out. Then use it to navigate the KidSmart website and explore the information about internet safety. After you complete the Treasure Hunt, add a new slide to your power point presentation and include any important information from this website. Include a title, any new information and at least one picture.

Y)      Your search is complete! To finalize your power point presentation, add one final slide titled "Resources" and include the websites where you gathered your information from. You may include a picture here as well. Go back and check your spelling, information and make sure all slides are complete. Be sure to save your final product! This is what will be graded.

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