Holistic Assessment of a Cardiac Patient



     The class has been divided into groups of four. Each group will be presenting a topic during our Mock Holistic Health Fair the last week of school. This group will be working on the holistic health assessment of a status post myocardial infarction patient (MI). You will use the chat room for synchronous communication on the couse website. For asynchronous communication you will use the threaded discussion forum on the course website. Skype can also be utilized to provide you with a method to communicate in synchronous format and can be a helpful way to meet and get organized for your collaborative projects. You will be creating a Glogster as your first task. The Glogster will be a creative eye catching presentation of your care plan for your imaginary patient. Your second task will be to create a patient edcuation brochure. Here is a second option for a patient education brochure.
     A group leader should be selected in order to have a contact person to tie the projects together. You may decide among your group who the leader will be. The leader will ensure that communication is flowing well within the group, group members are maintaining accountability for thier content, and that direction for the final products is understood by each member of the collaborative team. There is a team contract posted in our course website that will help enlighten the group to the expectations, challenges, and plans to overcome the challenges that each of you has to offer.
     Each of you will chose a focus for which you will be accountable to assimilate information into your group projects. The topics you will have within you group are: 
Exercise/acitivites of daily living, nutrition, care giver support, and spirituality. Developing a standard process to complete assessments will be helpful to you throughout your career. If you approach assessments in a systematic manner you will be less likely to forget portions of the assessment. You will be communcating via the methods listed above to decide which of you will take on which topic. The final glogster and patient education brochure may have more topics that what is suggested however they will minimally include the four areas I have presented to you.

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