Promote an E-Commerce Web Site



1.  First, you will be assigned a partner to work with.

2.  You will each choose pick a topic to research, either search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM).

3.  The partner that chooses SEO is to research about it using the following hotlist:
5.  As you do your research, make notes of the following items: how your topic is defined; how your topic helps to increase traffic to a Website; and, specific strategies used to increase traffic and how they increase traffic.

6.  Once you both completed your research, discuss your findings then view the video SEO and SEM Difference.

7.  As a team, determine whether your friends should focus on SEO or SEM and why?

8.  Log on to your Wiki and create a new page titled Promoting a Website the SEO and SEM Connection.

9.  On the new page, describe both SEO and SEM, identify the one you recommend your friends should focus on, and the rationale for your choice.  Use MLA style citations.

10. Based on your recommendation, search the Internet to learn about strategies you can suggest to your friends.  Use the following resources:

    SEO Resources
    SEM Resources
11. Create a subpage titled Suggested Strategies on your Wiki.  This page will contain your recommended strategies your friends should begin to implement and describe how each strategy will help to drive traffic to your friends' Website. 

12. Together, determine several strategies that you both feel will be best for your friends to use and add them to your Suggested Strategies page.  Use MLA style citations.

13. Create another subpage titled List of Sources on your Wiki.  This page will contain a list of sources using MLA style format; see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/675/01/ for details on using MLA.  

14. View Wikis of your classmates and post at least two comments.

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