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Movie Music Composers

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Process Process

1. Groups will be assigned (3 - 5 people) and given a specific film composer (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman, James Horner, or Howard Shore).

2. Groups should first research information on the story of Hercules. This will help to better explain why your composer would be best for the film.

3. Groups will research their composer's biography, filmography (most notable past projects and any upcoming projects), awards, and any other interesting/relevant information.

4. Groups will be presenting the material to the class. You will create a PowerPoint presentation based on your research that includes the composer's biography, filmography, awards, other interesting/relevant information, and why your composer should be chosen for the film.
- Students will need to address how their selected composer: 1. sets the mood of a film, 2. establishes characters, 3. provides psychological insight, and 4. gives the film continuity. 
     *Remember to refer to the overview of the film.
     *PowerPoint presentations should include five (5) or more pictures and five (5) or more links to 
       samples of your composer's works.

5.  Using their collective notes from the unit, groups will also give brief descriptions in their PowerPoint presentations of: the history of film and film music (i.e. Thomas Edison's inventions, music for the Silent Era, and the "Talkies") and also the process of scoring a film.

6. Each student will also write an evaluation of your group members. Did everyone have equal part in the project? If not, how did you accommodate for this?
     *The evaluation should be well-written and must be in 12pt. Times New Roman font, single
       spaced, with one inch margins.
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