Greek Gods and Goddesses



Steps to complete your job application:

1. Gather information that you feel is important to add to your resume. Use the internet resources below to find information about the Gods and Goddesses.

2. Download the resume templet into Microsoft Word. Fill in the required information highlighting the most important information you want to present to the voters.

3. Don't forget your portfolio. Every candidate for the position has had a story published about their work. Find a Greek Myth that highlights your accomplishments (good or bad). HERE YOU MAY USE BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY. PLEASE ASK MRS. MOORE FOR HELP FINDING BOOKS. YOU MAY ALSO USE THE INTERNET TO LOOK UP SPECIFIC SOURCES, BUT I AM FORWARNING YOU ABOUT NON-CREDIABLE SOURCES. BE CAREFUL!

4. Turn in your completed resume and portfolio.

5. Make your campaign speech.

6. Vote in the election.


  • Resume Templet
    Description: You will use this format and guide to help you create the Resume you will need to apply for office.
Greek Gods Part One
Greek Gods Part Two
Greek Gods Part Three
Greek Gods Part Four

Web Link
  • Encyclopedia Mythica
    Description: Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology. Use this to help you get started on your research.

Web Link
  • The Olympians
    Description: Click on the picture to enter the site. Here you will find myth summaries to help you develop your resume.

Web Link
  • MythNET
    Description: Gives actual Myth about the God or Goddess you choose.

Web Link
  • Greek Myths
    Description: Pay attention to the links at the bottom of the page where you can click on your individual God or Goddess.


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