GLOBAL EDUCATION - Gender Equality

What to do and how to do it!


Congratulations! You have just been promoted to President of the Equal Rights Organisation.

The first part of you new job is to help raise awareness of the Gender Inequality in several different countries around the world.

Design an awareness of Gender Inequality or Women’s Rights program/advertisement, which informs people about the gender issue as well as suggesting solutions to help of fix these inequalities.

Step 1.
Use this web-quest to research gender equality and women’s rights around the world. Consider issues such as where and how there is gender inequality.
Each page in this web-quest has a variety of links, pictures and videos to information about gender inequality and ideas to help bridge the gap of men and women’s rights.

Step 2.
Organise your research and information into logical groups to help decide what will be used in raising awareness and suggesting solutions. Such as:
•What is gender equality/inequality?
•Where are some of the places affected? How are they affected?
•How can people raise awareness about gender issues?
•How can people work towards bridging the gap and solving problems with gender inequality?

Step 3.
Using the your research and opinions develop a plan of how best to present the information and/or suggestions about global gender equality, in a meaningful way that your Equal Rights Organisation could use. Such as:
•Pamphlets and brochures
•PowerPoint presentation
•Newspaper articles
•Short films or TV adds
•Or anything else you can think of

Step 4.
Create and implement your researched and planned idea for raising awareness and solutions towards gender equality. It should be interesting and attention grabbing. Include facts, colour, pictures and any other information or ideas that you find interesting or necessary. Remember you are the President of the Equal Rights Organisation, so mention your organisation and you can also create a logo and/or organisation motto.

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