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Your class will be separated into 4 groups.  Each group will be assigned a website to research.  Before researching your website, please make sure to assign and give each person in your group a job. The websites can be found at the bottom of this page.

Suggested jobs:

Time keeper - this person will help with the research, but will also keep a watch on the time and will keep all members on task and doing what they are supposed to be doing.
Writer/Recorder - this person (or people) will be helping with the research and writing down the important facts for what your group is researching on the graphic organizer
Reader - this person (or people) will be helping with the research and reading from the websites, searching for important information for your presentation
Gopher - this person will be in charge of going to the teacher to request help/guidance if needed and will round up any materials needed rather than everyone in the group getting up
Moderator - this person will be in charge of making sure all members get a chance to speak/talk during discussions and will peacefully make sure that all members have their chance to talk and express their ideas. 


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